Action Items: Support Week (Org4Change)

Week of the 27th of March 2017

By Rose Hook, Co-Founder of Org4Change / Activism Chair and

Contributor Elsa Little

Table of Contents

This week we will focus on support and helping where we can:

  1. ✅ Call to Action: U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Hearings on Russia: Support Adam Schiff and the Democrats!

Adam Schiff (D-CA), Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is calling on the public to help keep the hearings on Russia from becoming another partisan tool by the Republicans in the majority.

The hearings are scheduled this week. The Republicans (Majority) canceled Monday’s open to the public hearings to have them in secret, behind closed doors. The Democrats on the committee (Minority) need our help to put public pressure on them.

Thank you for joining us in helping!

Tools included to make it easy to act:

✅ List of 22 Committee members with Twitter addresses, party, state, phone number, fax number

✅ You can copy/paste!

✅ Talking Points

✅ Fax & postcard tools/apps

✅ Sample Fax Template (Feel free to use it, personalize it & make it your own.)

2. 👿 Trump’s Awful No Good Budget Proposal. How can we help?

· Meals on Wheels

· United States Institute of Peace

· PBS Public Broadcasting Service

· EarthJustice- Because the Earth Needs a Good Lawyer

· Find a Program you want to support

· Fundraising Tips

✅ Call to Action: U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Hearings on Russia

Use hashtags: #Russiagate #TrumpRussia

Contact all 22 members of the HPSIC.

Contact your Senators and Representative(s).

Talking Points:

1) Chairman Devin Nunes must resign now — obstruction of justice

2) Demand open, public hearings as scheduled (not back door, secret meetings) for full transparency to the public to ensure a fair investigation.

3) Chairman Nunes’ actions highlight how important it is for there to be an independent commission (like the 9/11 commission) with a special prosecutor — ensures a completed bipartisan investigation with the proper resources and staff dedicated to the investigation.

Will you join me in this call to action? #Russiagate #TrumpRussia
Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-CA) of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is asking for our help- for the public to demand that the hearing on Monday be open to the public, by contacting member of the Committee.

Chairman Nunes (R-CA) has decided hearings will now be closed to the public and is also refusing to release information in an attempt to cover for the Trump WH. Since information will be discussed about the Trump Campaign’s ties to Russia, it is imperative that the American Public know whether or not the Trump and his associates committed treason. Let’s ensure this doesn’t turn into another Benghazi hearings. (Chairman Nunes was part of Trump’s Campaign and also the Trump Transition Team.)

The calls worked for AHCA/Trumpcare, they’ll work here. Put pressure on the Committee to have open hearings as were scheduled and agreed upon, so there aren’t secret back room meetings and an obstruction of justice.

For those who don’t like to make calls, Twitter is an excellent tool to get the message out, below are several other options available with tools/apps that make it super easy to contact members of the committee and your Members of Congress (MoC):

Send a Fax: allows you to fax up to 5 faxes free per day.

Send a postcard:

U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Majority (Republicans) Main Office: Phone 202–225–4121 / Fax 202–225–1919

Minority (Democrats) Main Office: Phone 202–225–7690 / 202–226–5068


Capital Visitor Center HVC-304

US Capitol Building

Washington, DC 20515–6415

22 Members of the Committee:

Twitter Address / Name (Party & State) Phone #/ Fax #
@DevinNunes /David Nunes, Chairman (R-CA) 559–733–3861 / 559–733–3865
@RepAdamSchiff /Adam Schiff, Ranking Member (D-CA) 818–450–2900 / 818–450–2928
@RepAndreCarson /Andre’ Carson (D-IN) 317–283–6516 / 317–283–6567
@JoaquinCastrotx /Joaquin Castro (D-TX) 210–348–8216 / 210–979–0737
@ConawayTX11 /Mike Conaway (R-TX) 432–331–9667 / 432–332–6538
@RepRickCrawford /Rick Crawford (R-AR) 870–203–0540 / 870–203–0542
@TGowdySC /Trey Gowdy (R-SC) 864–241–0175 / 864–241–0982
@RepDennyHeck /Denny Heck (D-WA) 253–533–8332 / 202–225–0129
@jahimes /James Himes (D-CT) 203–333–6600 / 203–333–6655
@HurdOnTheHill /Will Hurd (R-TX) 830–422–2040 / 202–225–2237
@RepPeterKing /Peter King (R-NY) 516–541–4225 / 516–541–6602
@RepLoBiondo /Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) 609–625–5008 / 609–625–5071
@RepMikeQuigley /Mike Quigley (D-IL) 773–267–5926 / 202–225–5603
@TomRooney /Tom Rooney (R-FL) 863–402–9082 /863–402–9084
@RosLehtinen /Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) 304–668–2285 /305–668–5970
@RepTerriSewell /Terri Sewell (D-AL) 205–254–1960 /205–254–1974
@RepSpeier /Jackie Speier (D-CA) 650–342–0300 /650–375–8270
@RepStefanik /Elise Stefanik (R-NY) 518–743–0964 /518–743–1391
@RepChrisStewart /Chris Stewart (R-UT) 801–364–5550 /801–364–5551
@RepSwalwell /Eric Swalwell (D-CA) 510–370–3322 /202–226–3805
@RepMikeTurner /Michael Turner (R-OH) 937–225–2843 /937–225–2752
@RepBradWenstrup /Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) 513–605–1380 /937–798–4024

Follow on Twitter:
@rosemhook (Don’t forget the “m”) — Watchdog4Democracy and @Org4ChangeNL

Sample Fax Template:

Here is a template to give you an idea of what it can say. You can personalize it to make it your own.

To: {Insert Representative or Senator’s Name} / Fax: {insert fax #}

From: {Insert Your Name}

March 27, 2017

Re: U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence hearings on Russia

Dear {Insert Representative or Senator’s Name},

The U.S. House Permanent Select Committee Intelligence hearing on Russia has commenced and I’m concerned with the integrity of the investigation and the obstruction of justice by Chairman Nunes’ and other members of the Majority, who are demonstrating partisanship and their actions are compromising the investigation.

Please allow me to share some of my concerns with you:

1) Chairman Devin Nunes must resign now. The Chairman, who is leading the investigation shared intel with President Trump and his campaign who are under criminal investigation by the FBI, which is an obstruction of justice. (Why did he not share this intel with the committee?) Nunes was also part of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Transition Team. He cannot be impartial.

2) Why are publicly scheduled hearings this week suddenly canceled and why do the Republicans want to conduct the hearings in secret behind closed doors? The Republican Majority of the Committee are acting in a partisan fashion to withhold information from the public, which is creating a dark cloud of suspicion and questions of collusion by the committee which is supposed to act as the checks and balances of the Executive Branch. We must have transparency and hearings open to the public without these partisan games.

3) Chairman Nunes’ actions highlight how important it is for there to be an independent commission (like the 9/11 commission) with a special prosecutor to ensure a complete, bipartisan investigation with the proper resources and staff dedicated to the investigation.

4) This investigation is too important to allow it to be compromised and swept under the rug. The investigation is in jeopardy of turning into another disastrous Benghazi hearings in which the Republicans hijacked the investigation and wasted 2 years and $7 million dollars of hard earned taxpayers money for an investigation that went off the rails with a partisan agenda. (Yes, I’m looking at you Trey Gowdy!) We need to focus on facts/evidence of the investigation, rather than allowing the investigation to be used as a partisan tool.

Thank you and I hope you can address my list of concerns above.


{Insert Name}

{Insert U.S. Address if you have one}

{Insert U.S. phone number if you have one.}

Cc: Representative Adam Schiff, Ranking Member

Trump’s Awful No Good Budget Proposal

The budget proposal put forth by the Trump administration is seeking to boost military and national security- but at what cost? The cost of huge cuts to over 80 federally funded programs. Programs like The Targeted Air Shed Grants which reduces air pollution in highly polluted areas, NASA, and National Endowment for the Arts….to name a few. The budget cuts proposed would endanger millions of Americans- Americans like senior citizens who depend on the services of programs like Meals on Wheels.

Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels is another organization that will lose funding under Trump’s plan. Meals on Wheels helps senior citizens by delivering healthy meals to their door, allowing seniors to stay in the comfort of their own home. Cutting federal funding for Meals on Wheels will most likely cost taxpayers more money down the road. Without the support of Meals on Wheels, many seniors will have no other choice but to move into nursing facilities. According to their website, Meals on Wheels can provide a senior with services for an entire year which equates to spending one day in the hospital or 10 days in a nursing home. This fantastic organization currently serves 2.4 Americans annually, saving us billions of dollars in Medicaid and Medicare expenses every year!!! And the program feeds 500,000 veterans each year.

Clearly there is a strong economic advantage to keep funding Meals on Wheels, but there is also a strong moral and ethical reason to keep Meals on Wheels operating at its full potential- it’s simply the right thing to do. To treat our senior citizens with respect and dignity. Luckily, with much deserved media attention, Meals on Wheels has received a spike in donations, which is what spurred Org4Change Action Items Week of Support.

To continue the good work, please visit Meals On Wheels website below:

United States Institute of Peace

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) is also on the chopping block. The work done here should not be underestimated. Currently they are working many acive projects such as

Advancing Women, Peace, and Security

Generation Change, a program for emerging Leaders

and RESOLVE: Researching Solutions to Violent Extremism

Their work is crucial to peacekeeping and rebuilding fragile communities and countries that are at high risk of violent extremism. USIP is literally preventing terrorism- and ironically is under threat from Trump’s Awful No Good Budget proposal.

USIP receives its funding from congress every year and operates with around 39 million dollars annually. It has been criticized by Republican Jason Chaffetz as, “government waste.” In reality, their annual budget is less than what was spent for 3 hours of the Afghan war!!! USIP’s work is incredibly important and often overlooked, underappreciated, and ignored.

To Support the work of USIP, please follow them on social media (@USIP) and write, tweet, or call your representatives to let them know you support the funding of USIP and do not want their budget cut!

Take a look at all the current projects USIP is working on

PBS Public Broadcasting Service

Many Americans grow up watching programs brought to us by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and have learned valuable lessons from their educational shows and radio programs. PBS falls under the umbrella of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which funds more than 1,500 public local TV and radio stations including NPR. If you listen to or watch these services consider becoming a member.

What many people don’t realize is that in less populated areas, they don’t have a lot of programming choices, so to take away this good source of information from TV and radio stations, would cut off educational programming and information from the people who need it most.

Go to and click Donate, they will prompt you to enter your ZIP code so you can support your local station.

EarthJustice- Because the Earth Needs a Good Lawyer

Many people have heard of the cruel bill that repeals hunting restrictions in Alaska allowing aerial hunting of bears and wolves and even trapping them while in their dens. This is one of many attacks on the environment from this administration and EarthJustice is an amazing organization of committed lawyers and activists that fight to protect the environment.

Just watch this clip of all the amazing work they have done so far!


They have an amazing list of Actions for people to take:

and of course you can always donate!

Find a Program You Want to Support

To find another organization or agency to support please reference the below article which outlays the 80 programs that may lose federal funding. Give what you can, and if you are unable to give a monetary donation help spread the word by sharing this article or individual organization pages via social media.

Fundraising Tips

Or you can get creative and host a fundraiser- anyone can do it and it can be a family event. Getting your kids involved in charity fundraising and/or volunteering is a great way to teach them about privilege and about the importance of helping others.

Here are some great examples of quick and easy ways the whole family can get involved and raise money for a good cause:

The grocery foundation is a non-profit that feeds hungry children (another worthy organization for your donations) and they have 4 great fundraising ideas:

1) Think outside the lemonade stand_- Get creative and bake some delicious treats to sell to your neighbors or classmates- better yet host a joint bake sale and get everyone involved!

2)Host an Event- like an auction or talent show and charge a small entrance fee

3)Host a party- and charge a small entrance fee

4) Have a garage sale- this one is my favorite because we all have stuff we no longer need or even want laying around, what better motivation to declutter your home than sell it off and give the proceeds to people in need?! For all the Dutch expats- King’s day is a great way to sell some items and you can even have some signage saying the profits will go to charity!

For more info please see below:


For more information about Org4Change or to contact us, please visit our website at:

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