#ReSister: A View From The Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

By Rose Hook /@rosemhook/February 6, 2017

This is my “content” face. Not a toothy smile for the cameras — not trying to look pretty — not a flattering pic — yet radiating happiness from within, awash in pink pussycat hats.

As a WOC — and Asian — which typically doesn’t get a lot of of press:

1) I was tickled to see an Asian woman Speaker wearing a cap that said — “Not a model minority.”

2) Speaking to the issue of white privilege, no doubt it exists — yet as a biracial woman — I’ve experienced the ignorance, hate, and discrimination from both sides — White/Caucasian & Asian.

a) In Middle School I was ambushed and spit on by three white boys who yelled, “Go back to your own country!” (This caused me shame & conflict as I have an ancestor who fought in the U.S. Civil War as a Union soldier and I grew up in the USA. This IS my country. My mother said at the time, “But you don’t even have an accent. I don’t understand. I wanted you to grow up in America so you would have a better life. If you grew up in Korea you would be a 2nd class citizen having mixed blood.”)

b) The mother of my Korean boyfriend of 2 years in college warned him not to get too serious about me because my mother was most likely a prostitute (having married a white man).

c) And we have mixed children like my daughter who has blond hair/blue eyes yet will call out classmates who do the “Ching Chang Chinese eyes” — STOP — That’s racist! My mom is Korean!

3) To all my Sisters — I stand with you — and acknowledge your struggles for EQUALITY & life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

4) Let us not become a house divided. Our white sisters who haven’t experienced racial discrimination — have experienced discrimination as a woman (sexism & misogyny) — and when they join hands with us to learn, to seek understanding, to help — let us embrace them & inform them, (not wag an angry, punitive finger at them). Anyone who wants to SEE me and the issues I face, and stand up with me — I will embrace them and accept their love — it comes from a good place. (Just as I was embraced by the struggles of many that I learned more about at the march, and continue to learn to gain a better understanding.)

5) And yes, let it be known I was taking notes. Very Asian of me. And I was/am feeling loved and seen. This is the first time since the election I was able let go of the anger/despair and celebrate life. That is the best thing we can do — is to show our oppressor that we’re not afraid — we will freely live & love out loud!

#ReSisters #womensmarch #WomensMarchOnWashington

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