From the first draft to the finished product, you labored over your book or article with devotion. During your writing breaks, you imagined the accolades that would be poured on you from friends and family when they read your masterpiece. You even practiced the modest reactions you would have to…

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While I have not been writing on Medium for very long, I have been editing and writing professionally for years, primarily as a book editor and ghostwriter of both fiction and nonfiction. I recently reviewed my most recent writing projects and saw marked improvement, if I do say so myself.

Here are the three things that I worked on this year that helped me grow as a writer.

1. I read something every day.

At a book signing once, the featured author (who shall remain anonymous) was asking the people in line what they did for a living. Based on their reply, he wrote something witty in their books before signing his name. When it was my turn, I told him I was a…

Rosemi Mederos

Rosemi is the Publishing Manager at Soul Excellence Publishing and the founder of America's Editor, a book editing company.

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