14 Interesting Facts about Massage and Its Benefits

52% of Americans received massage last year due to various health and medical reasons. Such interesting facts and the benefits of massage therapy are discussed in this article.

  1. As per the American Massage Therapy College, it is reported that more than 35 million Americans, which is roughly 17% of the population, have received paid professional massages at least once in the year 2015.
  2. It is estimated by experts that massage therapy industry in the US alone generates over $10 billion annually.
  3. Some of the common medical reasons why Americans receive massage therapy are pain management, overall wellness, injury rehabilitation and soreness/stiffness.
  4. Through different surveys, it was reported that the popularity of massage therapy in America is growing at a rapid pace. 20% more massages are performed every year than in the previous year.
  5. As per the survey conducted by independent sources, it was estimated that there are between 325,000 to 350,000 trained massage students and therapists in the United States of America.
  6. According to the Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals, more than 250 kinds of massages are being provided around the globe.
  7. Some of the popular types of therapeutic massage practiced in United States are Swedish, deep-tissue and prenatal massage. In addition to this, people in America love Thai Massage, Soft Tissue Massage and Shiatsu.
  8. Most of the full body massage therapies around the world have the same underlying principles.
  9. Clients mostly hire massage professionals to receive massage at their home or office. Spa/salon massages are also popular.
  10. A holistic health care setting and health club/athletic facility are also used by massage therapists to perform full body massages and all other types of paid massage.
  11. More than 50 million people in America have at least once discussed about the benefits of massage therapy with their doctors. For reducing pain and other medical conditions, about 69 percent of doctors have referred their patients to licensed and authorized massage therapists.
  12. 91 % of adult population of the US believes that massage therapy by qualified, experienced and licensed massage professionals can be highly effective in reducing different types of pains.
  13. It is reported through studies that more than 33% of the people in America have received massage last year for stress reduction and relaxation purposes.

Benefits of therapeutic massage therapy

  1. Helpful in treating lower back pain

Chronic and acute lower back pain can be managed and cured through therapeutic massage therapy performed by licensed therapists.

  1. Helps to lower high blood pressure

Massage therapies are helpful in lowering diastolic blood pressure, as per the report published in International Journal of Preventative Medicine.

3. Lowers depression, anxiety and fatigue

Feeling of stress and depression can be effectively managed through effective massage therapy carried out by professional and licensed massage therapists.

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