6 Must Visit Cities for The Best Massages Anywhere

You HAVE to visit these 6 cities to experience the most life-changing massages ever! Whether you are looking to go travel the world, discover new places solo or with others, or even a going on a business trip, here are the 6 Must Visit cities for the best massages anywhere.

Bangkok, Thailand — -(Traditional Thai Massage and Foot Massage)

If there was one worldwide city that was the most renowned for massage, Bangkok reigns king. There are places for massage on every corner however not all places or massage therapists are created equally. It is hard to find a truly bad massage in Bangkok but it is cheap enough to go and try out a few places and professional massage therapists and see which ones match to your personal massage taste. Massage is as prevalent in Bangkok as are 7/11’s and there are those on every corner as well! Traditional Thai massage is done without oil and concentrates on pressure points all over your body and a good deal of stretching. You can also opt for the best foot massages anywhere and every paid hour of foot massage also includes lower leg massage, shoulder and upper back massage as well. Prices are so reasonable at most places that you are ready for another massage everyday and sometimes twice a day! Don’t forget to try out 4 hand massages and body scrubs as well….Bangkok is all about pampering yourself.

Bali, Indonesia — — (Balinese Massage)

A trip to Bali is incomplete without a Balinese massage. When you think of Zen, you think of Balinese massage which entails a holistic complete body, deep-tissue massage. The style encompasses a combination of relaxing strokes, reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy and stretching to stimulate blood flow and oxygen and energy throughout your body. In turn the results are a relaxed body and mind. And how could one not be relaxed in such an amazing setting! Bali is another place where you can easily afford daily massages! Sure enhances an already great vacation.

Honolulu, Hawaii — — (Lomi Lomi Massage)

Hawaii is famous worldwide for their Lomi Lomi massage. Lomi Lomi simply means Massage in the Hawaiian language. But this is not just any massage! Lomi Lomi consists of long continuous firm yet relaxing strokes and a lot of love. This was originally a Polynesian healing art and has morphed into one of the trendiest modern day styles of massage. While not cheap, if you are a massage lover, you must try Lomi Lomi. Hawaii is not only paradise, but it is also massage paradise!

Kochi, Kerala, India (Ayurvedic Massage)

One of ancient India’s best kept secrets, Ayurvedic massage is now making its way across the world. Ayurveda means “life knowledge” and Kerala is the place to find authenticity! Ayurvedic massage is typically practiced using herb infused oils that are rapidly absorbed by the body for an immediate healing effect. The oils that are used have been widely touted as having anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant benefits. So whilst you are receiving one of the most therapeutically relaxing massages for both mind and body, you are also able to use this type of massage to help cure many ailments and diseases. From a spiritual standpoint, if you release yourself, you will feel the energy and love being transferred from your therapist. This is a highly recommended healing art!

Marrakech, Morocco (Moroccan Massage and Hammam Treatments)

If you have never been to a Moroccan Hamman, then you have not lived. Get ready to be scrubbed clean with a black soap in a wet spa setting and when I say scrubbed, I mean scrubbed! This ain’t no rubdown — -it’s a scrubdown! The initial part of the treatment is a bit abrasive but you can rest assured that when you come out of there you are squeaky clean. Initially, it is a bit shocking how hard they scrub you down but then after a few minutes it actually feels very good and you don’t want it to end. Then they have you wash down and you go sit in the dome shaped steam room, the Hammam, where you will sweat our your impurities before you shower down again. Next, you are moved to a private massage room where you will experience a vigorous massage with Argan Oil, sometimes known as the Best Massage Oil for both skin and hair. After this great massage it is time to shower off and then time to sit in a relaxing dimly lit room for mint tea — — a nice ending to a fabulous experience.

Beijing, China (Blind Massage)

Beijing and many other cities in China are full of some of the best massages. The Chinese have an innate ability and understanding of massage and the human body and have used massage for thousands of years as healing treatments. In the last 30 years, China took the initiative to help Blind people find a profession that did not require the gift of sight. Massage therapy by Blind therapists have sprouted up all over major cities in China with Beijing leading the way. The Blind therapists have a uniquely enhanced and keen sense of touch like no other. They can find pains and knots that you did not even know you had in every inch of your body….and they really understand how to work out these problem areas. They do an amazing job with reflexology, applying pressure to those points in your hands, feet and ears that correspond to different body organs. Blind massages are inexpensive and well worth the time invested. Who needs a Dr. when there are such intuitive Blind massage therapists?

So, make sure to put these cities at the top of your list for your next vacation.

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