My Anger is a Fire

Anger is like a fire.
My anger is a fire.
Your anger is a fire.

I was taught, don’t play with fire.
Fire will burn you.

When we see fire, we know what to do.
How to tame it.

When we see anger, we don’t know what to do.
We are afraid.

Anger is a fire.
It is yelling. It is hate.
It is fear. It is bars and chains.
Anger burns.
It is loss. It is hurt.
It is sobs and wounds.
Anger divides.
It is closed doors and locks and keys.
It is teams and allegiances, us and others.
Anger kills.
It is guns and tanks and bombs.
It is screams and fear and death.

Anger is a fire.
Anger grows. Anger blazes.
Anger destroys.

Some people are on fire.
Their anger is a fire.
We see them.
We see them burning.

If we can work with fire.
Then we can work with anger.

We can learn.

When I am on fire. I make a choice.
I stop.
I breathe in.
I listen. I seek out the source.

When I breathe out, my anger is transformed.
My anger becomes a flame.
Tended, it is a beacon.
My anger leads to peace.

My anger is a fire.
I tend my fire.

I am aware of it, I do not feed it. I do not let it consume me.

I am not afraid. It brings me closer to my truth.

I choose to let it burn, small and bright. I guide it.

I warm myself by it, and it lights the way.

I become a beacon for peace.

My anger is a fire.
I tend my fire.

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