thomas rosensen:
umair haque

You are quite glib, but I’m not sure my use of quotation marks is sufficient grounds to accuse me of racism. But that’s the game in the end isn’t it: obscure the facts and make emotional appeals.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of the population is suffering real and substantive pain that is caused by the actions of an elite few, and this pain cannot be made to disappear with the magic wand of “introspection” or dare I say it, overusing the word “Love” seemingly with the goal of obfuscation.

So I wish you and your fellow obfuscators good luck in opposing the inevitable collapse of a world built on unending growth on a planet of finite resources. And clearly Umair, anyone with self-awareness, or is who laser focused on the unchecked ego and control-obsessed nature of this global economic system would ever choose empty platitudes over real action to oppose it. And if by opposing something, I become devoid of love in your eyes, then you have a truly impoverished conception of love indeed.

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