My heart goes out to Talia Jane and everyone like her, because I am a former foster parent whose…
francine hardaway

You are 100% correct. I left the US and worked out of the country for 6 years, climbing up, working hard, and having it get me everywhere. I began a family and decided to return home to the US. My life in another country is unimportant.

2009- I left, I was able to make 25- 35k a year as a tipped employee in Miami. I was able to live off of this money, even though I chose to stay at home with my parents.

2014- Return to Miami, begin to stay temporarily with my parents, my husband and our baby. Finish my degree, have 6 years of Financial/Office/ Customer Service experience. Can’t find a job that will pay a living wage. Even if my husband and I both worked full time, we would not be able to afford to rent an apartment in Miami, less it be in a dangerous neighborhood. And we would not be able to afford daycare in a licensed facility. Husband stays at home, I wind up serving tables (again) — my work experience meant nothing. My company won’t let me work full time either.

2015- We move to middle America, where the average rent is only 600 dollars. You can work minimum wage here and actually live. We fortunately are making more than minimum wage and are now much happier.

2016- It is a sad reality that many companies will not hire people full time, to avoid having to give benefits. They also maximize their labor, having people work during the businesses’ busiest period, making it difficult for the worker to find another part time job without having to put in 12 to 15 hours a day or having to literally work (even if it’s part time) 7 days a week.

I am sorry and sympathize with your foster children. Being young in modern America is very difficult- thankfully there are still few places where the cost of living is low, and there are jobs. Goodluck to your family.

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