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Sadie Hawkins is a traditional Irish dance in which the roles are reversed — the woman asks the man. Some women resonate so much with this theme that they choose to adopt it for other events, too.

So, the question is…is that wrong?
Well, I would say the answer to that question depends on your personality. If you are typically a dominating woman, a woman who tends to be drawn to feeble men, a woman who gives orders rather than receiving them…
Then to you, I would say: yes. It’s wrong. Let the man ask you.

Inversely, if you are a woman who typically shies away from men, a woman who is intimidated by men, a woman who feels they must always submit to any man and is terrified of making a decision for the man….

Then to you, I would say: No, it’s not wrong. Go ahead and ask him.
Now, I know what you’re thinking: Wait, wait, wait, Nicole. Are you sure you got that order right? Don’t you mean it the other way around?


I purposely answered it in this way. I believe that both men and women should always be challenging themselves. I believe that men and women should always intentionally make the decision that goes against the grain of their personality. Doing this will stretch you, grow you, and give you a better understanding of your capabilities and strengths.

It’ll also help you break some unhealthy habits.
I say to the feeble woman: SPEAK! Your voice is valuable. Your voice is irreplaceable. Your voice must be heard.
But I say to the domineer: SIT DOWN. You are heard so much, people are beginning to tune you out. …

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Did your high school host a Sadie Hawkins dance? You know what those are — those dances in which the girl asks the guy. Maybe they didn’t call it that specifically…but most schools do host some type of dance of this nature. In my hometown, we had 3 wintertime dances in which the girl asks the guy. The sophomore year dance was called “snowflake”, the junior year dance was called “mistletoe”, and the senior year dance was “poinsettia”. Snowflake was fun. I went with a guy named Ray. I wore a black dress, he wore a black suit with a silver vest and a white shirt. We danced inappropriately all night long until his friend’s dad took us home. That was back in February 2008…so raunchy dance music was pretty good. …

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Boutonnieres, as you can probably tell, is a word derived from French. It’s a French concept that goes back hundreds of years.

They were originally conceived to ward of bad spells and evil spirits. Originally, they were always placed inside the man’s button-hole. Nowadays, men in the United states will attach the it t their lapel — a custom that French women tirelessly mock.

They mock it for good reason — it’s near impossible to do! At every prom, wedding, or Sadie Hawkin’s Dance, without fail…there will be that one mom who has all the experience of attaching boutonniers, and all the other moms look to her for advice.

Boutonniers, though seemingly unimportant and forgettable, are great ways for the man to express himself through fashion at the dance. Though the woman asks the man at a Sadie Hawkin’s Dance, the man should hold responsibility to picking out his boutonnier. All experts agree — it should be simple. Choose a local florist like Jennie’s Flowers; a place where you can go in and pick out the corsage and boutonnier together. Or, if you are too busy to physically go to the store, you can always order online from a florist that will send to anywhere in the U.S …

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Is your school throwing a Sadie Hawkins Dance? If so, don’t forget the most important part — the centerpieces for the tables! All Sadie Hawkins Dances begin with a meal…and so, flowers should make an appearance on the table alongside some scrumptious food.

What are appropriate color combination for a Sadie Hawkins centerpiece? Well, because it’s a rather nontraditional event, I would suggest a nontraditional centerpiece.

Sadie Hawkins was an Irish woman — so definitely include greens. Possibly green trick or hypericum berries — something funky.

And include several gender-neutral colors; like orange, yellow, and white.

Obviously, try not to create something too tall, as to obstruct conversation among the guests. Something low and lush would serve the table much better. And definitely choose an arrangement from a local florist like They’re great because they have excellent designers, you can order to anywhere in the U.S., and they are a family-owned business.

Ultimately, you want your guests to remember this night forever. And one of the strongest ways to our memory is our sense of smell! So, think about including some lavender or lily in your centerpiece as well. …

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Alright. So, throughout this blog, we have had nothing but positive thing to say about good ol’ Sadie Hawkins.
That changes now.
Listen to this story about how one girl’s life was ruined by Sadie Hawkins.

This girl’s name was..yep, you guessed it..Sadie.

Her name was Sadie, and her dance was coming up. It was a Christmastime dance during her sophomore year of high school. She had never been to a school dance, because whenever she’d want to go, a group of popular girls used to bully her and threaten her so much that she was too afraid to go.

Also, she wasn’t very pretty. So she never got asked by a boy.

But this time, she was determined. She didn’t have to worry about not being asked, the ball was in her court. She heard an inspirational talk by Beyonce and took that as the universe telling her she should ask the cutest boy in school to go to the dance with her. His name was Jeremy.

One day after school, as she was walking past Jeremy’s locker, she saw her chance. She slowed down, clinging to the textbooks against his chest.

“Hey Jeremy..”

He didn’t hear her. She tried again.

“Hey Jeremy!!”

He looked up. “Oh hi, Sadie.” He smiled. “How are you?”

As soon as she started to respond, she heard a gasp coming from behind her. And there she was — Tiffany, the head of the hot-headed meanie faces.

“Jeremy!!!” Tiffany yelled. “Don’t talk to her!”

She ran over and pushed Sadie into the locker. Jeremy’s eyes widened. He was scared.

“Oh, I’m sorry Tiffany. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I won’t touch her again…just please don’t hurt her, okay?”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Shut up, you big loser!!!”

At that, Sadie knew what she needed to do. …


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