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Let’s be real: Thrill-factor is a big part of blockchain technology’s appeal. The rollercoaster-esque ups and downs of the 2017 crypto market elicited equal parts angst and unhinged glee. But it’s nearly 2019, and it’s becoming ever more clear that some of those blockchain rollercoasters were built entirely on hype. Sounds terrifying, rickety, and dangerous… no?

Look: Rollercoasters are only thrilling given the assumption that riding one will not kill you. So, too, today’s blockchain projects are only exciting when the proof is in the operational pudding, and when said project offers its token buyers some semblance of security. To…

Lition is deeply honored to have been named one of the top ten finalists invited to Andhra Pradesh on India’s southeastern coast to pitch Lition’s venture at the “Powering Andhra Pradesh: Energy Innovation Summit”. Here, amongst major cultural landmarks like the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, and a shrine to Hindu’s Vishnu; industry experts, government officials, and thought leaders will gather to answer a big question: How do we transform the energy sector of Andhra Pradesh?

With a focus on the five categories of ‘Conventional Power’, ‘Renewable Energy’, ‘Grid Upgradation and DISCOM Sustainability’, ‘Energy Efficiency’, and ‘Mobility’, the Andhra Pradesh region aims…

Most of us want to do our part to slow carbon emissions, put an end to global warming, and save the world. But it’s 2018 and the vast majority of us live very much on the grid. Even if you compost, make your own granola, and outfit your entire family in wool shorn from your own beloved sheep; unless you’re also harvesting energy from photovoltaic cells on your own roof and a personal micro wind turbine in your backyard, you’re probably funding dirty energy.

That’s not to say your intentions aren’t pure: You may even be paying your utility company…

The best idea I’ve ever had came to me in a cosmic meditation class. Now, I could lie to you from the get-go and imply that the woo-woo scene isn’t typically home for me. People trust skeptics as though close-mindedness somehow suggests intelligent discernment, and I do want you to trust me. Open-mindedness, though, breathes space for ideas. And that’s why we’re here right now. Ideas.

Starcatcher artwork by Andrea Bell

Anyway, I’m as woo-woo as they come. I signed up for said cosmic meditation class — part astrology 101 course, part guided meditation on my own starry origins — one week when my mind…

Rose Truesdale

Lifestyle/Food/Fashion/Travel Writer and essayist in Berlin.

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