We did something pretty flipping rare…and then this happened.

I know, right! A clickbait header. Very tacky. But so be it, because what we’re doing is, yay verily, rare, amazing, and worthy of a few clicks. Read on to learn more about Rosetta Roastery’s mission to reveal the glory of coffee processing and the flavours that each method can unlock.

The Status Quo

Most often, coffee lovers are able to visit their favourite cafe to compare single origin coffees, side-by-side. An Ethiopian vs a Kenyan, for example. A Colombia vs a Costa Rica. But it’s not often that the many other drivers of a coffee’s flavour are given a similar showing (factors like seed type, altitude and processing). Which is downright weird, because there is evidence to support that some of these flavour factors are far more consequential than terroir (a.k.a origin).

Two Villa Sarchi lots: one washed, and one red-honey processed.

The Paradigm Shift

PROCESSING (the manner/technique employed to turn a coffee cherry into a coffee “bean”) is one such determining factor that plays an enormous role in how a coffee tastes. And so it’s a factor that any coffee lover should be aware of. Is the coffee wet-hulled? Or machine-dried? Is a coffee bean dried with the fruit still on the seed? Or is it dried with all the fruit washed off? And what difference does this make?

But rather than spout a bunch of “studies have shown…” (not-so-)fun facts, we thought we would just let you taste them for yourself. Which is why, for the first time in South Africa, you can drink a FULLY WASHED Costa Rican West Valley Villa Sarchi coffee right next to a RED HONEY Costa Rican West Valley Villa Sarchi coffee.

Aren’t these cherries pretty? And studies have shown that they lend credibility, too!

Hooray for the Scientific Method

What makes this little comparison so cool is that we have managed, as far as possible, to remove the other variables that might add their own flavour influences. So you may as well don a white lab coat and publish your findings, because this is legit. As we said, we have stuck to one seed type (Villa Sarchi), one dominant geographic region (Costa Rica’s West Valley), and a close altitude range (roughly 1600m ASL).

La Luisa Villa Sarchi — Fully washed -

A smooth rounded coffee with sweet caramel notes and a creamy mouthfeel.
The coffee’s natural profile holds a wonderful natural balance between sweetness, body, and gentle acidity. As a result, we can get away with roasting it a little lighter, and still present a coffee that is clean, classic, and easy-drinking.

La Casa Villa Sarchi — Red Honey-processed -

A full, sweet coffee with lively red cherry acidity.
This coffee comes from pedigree; the very first harvest of red honey Villa Sarchi produced by visionary farmer Oldemar Arrieta placed first in the Costa Rican leg of the global Cup of Excellence competition; arguably the most prestigious award in Specialty Coffee.

Home and away

Yes. That was a soapie reference. Don’t act like you didn’t get it.
If you don’t get the chance to make it down to our cafe in The Woodstock Exchange, then we’ll just deliver your coffee to your door. With no minimum order quantity. And no courier charge (most of time)! Either way, we hope to see you soon.

Come and see us at the Woodstock Exchange — 66 Albert Rd, Woodstock.

Don’t wait too long!

La Casa is selling fast and will probably be gone before the end of the year, while La Luisa will be with us a little while longer, but why not pop in an taste them side by side, just so you can assess the matter for yoursef! Don’t forget your lab coat.

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