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Reviewed by Rosetta Savelli

The Italian artist and painter Catia Massa has succeded to export her art around the world, seducing with her original and personal lines and chromatic shades.

Pictorial traces with a very delicate and fascinating nature, which well express Italian spirit in the bottom of the heart, they are able to tell and to show concepts of aesthetic beauty and refined femininity.

Catia Massa is able to express herself both on the abstract ground and on the figurative one, in a constant coherence with her artistic nature.

Her chromatic expressions show themselves light and soft, through utilisation of the oil on canvas pictorial technique.

Even when the artist expresses herself on the figurative ground, she is coherent with her soft and feminine brushstroke touch always looking for new slighter and aleatory dimensions.

Catia Massa stands out also in the digital art with worthy results and this fact is confirmed by her recent participation at the International Exposition of Digital Art and Photography “Snap to grid” at Lacda, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.

The artist fascinates with her art, which leads her to exhibit herself on an international level.

Recently she has participated at the Artexpo of New York in April 2015, a very important event organised with the collaboration of Coronari 111 Art Gallery Rome and sponsorised by Meccanica CT (Ct Group)

Meccanica CT Group is being the sponsor of the imminent and important artistic appointment, which is taking place at the Artist Residence “JIWAR” in Barcelona and Catia Massa will be there.

Catia Massa will develop a project of production and artistic experimentation under the guidance and coordination of Jiwar in this significant experience.

Jiwar is going to help her meeting local professionals, in her reserved activity area, through meetings and round-table conferences.

Jiwar is also going to follow Catia Massa in her evolutive course facilitating her participation in cultural and popular celebrations in the Gracia neighbourhood.

In addition, Catia Massa shares this relevant experience of AIR with other international artists.

Jiwar is a residence which hosts and supports all the professionals whose work is based on new urban living spaces. It promotes the intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange in the Gracia neighbourhood, a collective experience which spreads all over Barcelona.

Catia Massa’s pictorial art has deserved the acceptance in the Artist’s Residence from 7th January to 7th February 2016, exporting her italian inspiration abroad and benefitting at the same time a prestigious and flattering experience which will expand the way of her artistic career.


Reviewed by Rosetta Savelli

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