8 Types of Stationery Items Needed in Every Office

Apr 2 · 3 min read

There is plenty of basic office stationery supplies other than the ones requiring technology in it. They have proven their worth over the years and are not ready to leave the market just yet. Office stationery suppliers in Malaysia have been supplying these goods for ages now. Here is a list of few essential office supplies.

  1. Highlighters

Highlighters make it to the top of the list and there is no doubt absolutely as to why it’s on the list. Imagine you are reading a book or newspaper and a word catches your eye, it’s could also be a quote or a line or just a start in general. Highlighters are a perfect way to bring it to light and make the line stand out from others. One must not overuse their highlighter as this would just make the work clumsy.

2. Staplers

It’s no wonder that staplers made the list. They are used to bring up a bunch of papers together, large staplers are used to put up flyers on the board and the staplers themselves act as a pin remover and also as a paperweight.

3. Envelopes

No envelopes are not just used to mail out letters in office. It is used for a lot of other purposes too like sending out formal invitations, business cards, and even flyers. They can also be used to deliver the smallest things which otherwise would require a lot of efforts to be transferred.

4. White papers

Having white papers in handy can be a good solution to your problems. You can write down your thoughts and diagrams or charts on it. One can even note down their creative ideas on this paper which they would otherwise forget, and you can start working from here and will no longer have to brainstorm yourself any further.

5. Pencils

Pencils are not just limited to the juvenile phase of our lives. They are extremely useful in offices as well as they do not require ink and never runs out of it as well. A pencil just needs a sharpener and last much longer than pens in general.

6. Notepads

Keeping a notepad and pencil beside every telephone in your office can be a very essential thing as it helps you to jot down the numbers and names which you would otherwise forget. By keeping these two things beside each other, you won’t have to waste your time looking for them or searching for it.

7. Notebooks

Notebooks are an essential part of the office environment. They are helpful to jot down the important points, draw graphs, write a whole paragraph of content and sketch out maps. They are, in general, a great way to store information.

8. Pens

Pens have innumerable uses in an office. If you are a business professional then you would carry a pen everywhere with you let it be a conference, a meeting or even sales pitches, as you may never know when you might find something important and want to just write it down on a piece of paper.

These items in the list have made their mark in the Stationary market. Without these basic items, our day to day work may stop or be delayed. Order these items from an Office stationary supplier in Malaysia and complete your tasks efficiently.

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