How to Celebrate New Year in Madrid

Are you planning to take a trip somewhere to get away from the routine and celebrate New Year? Madrid is the perfect place to get away from your hectic routine and relax and enjoying new year. With its rich culture and plethora of street arts, Madrid welcomes you in its arms like home. You cannot watch all of it in a single trip, but there are some places which are not to be missed.

Evening View of Beautiful Madrid City

Here is a perfect vacation guide for Madrid, if you are thinking to plan your trip soon.

Starting off with the amount of art Madrid has to offer, the Prado Museum is a must visit if you are in Madrid. Renowned as the world’s largest art gallery, which dates back to 1819 holds up to 9000 artworks. You will be amazed to see the different types of artwork made by artists in here. Also, if you are someone who loves to visit the museums, then do not forget to visit Thyssen, Reina Sofia and Archeological Museum as well.

Prado Museum

The city has the main attraction spot at Gran Via. The main attraction here runs from the Metropolis building to the Plaza de Espana. You can find different shops, cafes, bars and even casinos lined up this street, which makes it one of the busiest and happening place in Madrid. The Paseo de la Castellana is a must visit for Santiago Bernabeu, which is home to the Real Madrid football club.

Gran Via

If you need a mental break from the streets, then you must visit the El Retiro Gardens. It is one of the most beautiful 18th century palace gardens in Madrid. The famous Crystal Palace inside the garden is a must visit for some solitude and peace. You will be amazed by seeing the lush green fields of this garden. You can either take a walk in the park or be a part of the activities that happen in the park. All in all, it is one of the must visit places on your trip to Madrid.

El Retiro Gardens

Coming to the music of the Madrid, if you wish to experience the local artists and the music of Madrid, you must visit Teatro de la Zarzuela. This place boasts a beautiful 19th century theatre, live instrumentalists, live performers, first-rate singers and many more. The thing that makes this experience special is, all the sound is acoustic with no body microphones used, making it sound more real and fresh.

Teatro de la Zarzuela

Madrid is no less when it comes to temples. Templo de Debod is a beautiful 2200 year old Egyptian temple dedicated to Amon and Isis. It is located on the hill Casa de Campo and has a spectacular view at the evening. You can also see the beautiful views of cathedrals and the Royal Palace on the one side while the mountains on the other.

Templo de Debod

Food in Madrid is special. Without doubt, the most genuine neighborhood in Madrid, Lavapeis is the best place to travel for some mouthwatering dinner. You can literally get every kind of food here ranging from Chinese, Moroccan, Thai, Indian, Greek and many more. Also, do not miss the famous event of Tapapies, where great tapas and beer is served for $1. Apart from that, Madrid is famous for chocolates. Therefore, do not forget to visit the San Gines. Founded in 1894, it is the amazing place for having the most famous breakfast of chocolate and churros. Indulge yourself in their breakfast for an amazing experience on your trip.

Enjoy Food in Madrid

Shopping is Madrid is fun if you visit Mercando de San Miguel. Also, you can taste great varieties of food here before deciding to buy them. Also you can find some of the tastiest cheeses to buy here. Therefore, get your hands on the food here without fail.

Thus, Madrid is full of sports and culture and amazing food, which makes it an amazing destination for your new year vacation.

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