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By Rosey Wood Updated on 21/08/2018

Evenings here are bursting at the seams with the energetic eagerness of Heidelberg’s understudies. There are many Tourist attractions in Heidelberg some of them are the best for nightlife in Heidelberg. You can explore various clubs, bars and event places in Heidelberg at night. Some of them are listed below:

1. Max bar:

It is like beautiful little pub located at Market Square having huge outside seating area. Prices are reasonable, you can enjoy drinking Picon Biere, smoke good German cigarettes makes the bar as the best nightlife attraction in Heidelberg.

2. Halle 02 — club:

Located at Zollhofgarten Halle 02 is a club, cultural spot and the concert hall. Here they organize parties and cultural stuff with having little beach bar to hang out with your friends drinking beer so as an escape from a stressful day!

3. Sonder Bar(Pinte):

The Sonder Bar is located at Unterestr, Heidelberg. The bar offers good beer, music and dance performance makes the atmosphere more buzzing. They also provide Sonder Bar Tshirts for regular customers.

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4. Cave 54:

50 years ago, Cave 54 is a meeting place in the Old Town, Cave 54 is a place for Central, cool events, good music and live programme.

Adrress: Krämergasse 2, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

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