So i had found this great place i could move in to be near my university. It was in a Gated neighbourhood, a swimming pool was being constructed, and best of all, i would stay alone…my very own place.

My parents got their pick-up truck and we transported everything i would need. To be honest i was only thinking of a bed, TV, DVD Player and clothes, lol😂. I had to be reminded i needed utensils, a gas cooker, essentials…etc. That’s how out of touch i was with reality.

The place i was moving in to was in very high demand, it wasn’t even completed but some people had already moved in. The lift itself was not yet operational so carrying everything up to my floor was not the most enjoyable of experiences. Fast forward…everything was all set up. The only thing i lacked was a mini — fridge which i had to save up some money to purchase.

My first night there, i arrived when it was dark. I had stayed all day at school with friends. The place was still a bit dusty and disorganised since i had not done any cleaning the day i brought my stuff. To make matters worse, there was a blackout. I just said screw it, i got into bed and told myself i would deal with things the next day.

Most uncomfortable night ever!!! First of all the mattress was new and hard, so getting into a comfortable position to sleep in was impossible. Secondly, it was hot…i was sweating all over my beddings. I could not open my windows for fear of letting in mosquitoes. The mosquitoes that were already in the room made it impossible to even uncover myself. They were so so many. I cursed myself for not having put the mosquito net and buying insecticide. Morning came as a relief to me.

That second day, i left school early, bought insecticide, put the mosquito net, cleaned the place up and made my very first dinner. Plain rice with vegetable stew. It was not gourmet special, but still edible. I went to bed feeling a little bit better with myself.

That was my introduction people, and a peek into my life. Hope you liked it. The next stories are going to be less about my personal life, and more about my perspective on life. From the point of view of an undergraduate student in Kenya. Feel free to comment, give tips and just talk to me 😆.

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