Liverpool’s win over Man City is a disaster

Liverpool’s victory over Manchester City in the premier league on Wednesday was spectacular. It was “perfect from start to finish” as — Jurgen Klopp said it. The pressing was phenomenal, Adam Lallana was creating chances and scored, Milner was great with his finishing and skills and so on. It was all great but this amplifies the problems the squad posess and which they have had it for a while.

Lack of Pedigree:

The players (apart from a handful) are not cut out to be top level, they lack the composure, experience and ambition in big games. Let us take the case of Lallana for example — a 25 million pounds purchase (Yes! he cost us more than Suarez and sterling put together. !!) signed with great expectations from Southampton FC. He is a great player when he is on song which is once a few months and from a 25 million player the least you expect is consistency and atleast one or two key passes every game if not for assists or goals. He seems to be so content when he delivers a one off performance which is scary and not the quality of a top class player. The squad is ridden with such players Allen, Henderson our captain for heaven’s sake etc etc.


The difference between quality players and others is very fine as we know and it was on display on Wednesday. Liverpool players were excellent at every department, they were winning the ball consistently, great transition, taking the chances etc etc which is extra ordinary to do against a Manchester City team with Kompany in their starting 11 — But it has come a bit too late and not on a consistent basis.

Manchester city — a squad full of quality walks away with a trophy and the inconsistent Liverpool squad with 3 points which they should have taken agains Watford or Newcastle.

That is the glaring problem which persisted in the squad since a while and still exists.

We have bought far too many average players for ridiculous amounts and bred them, made them the captain of a great club like Liverpool FC and the results reflect this. It has to end, changes would prove to be harsh on some players but a club cannot grow by doing favours to individuals.

Klopp is due a massive overhaul of the squad in the summer according to numerous reports and I seriously hope these are true and he creates a new spine for the team starting with a captain who deserves to lead LFC.

YNWA — A Liverpool FC Fan.