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Dedication Made Him Definite

The Man Behind Social Development In Rural Part Of India

When you dedicate your time to develop something in life, you will achieve — that’s an attitude enlighten the characteristics of this man, who is the role model for many people in the field of social activist. Growing up from small town Sihora of Maharashtra in India, Kalam Sheikh was an normal student during college days.

Kalam Sheikh as a chief guest in national level social event in India

Perhaps a closer look into his struggle in life and sacrifices can inspire every individuals. Apart from working for social welfare, Kalam is passionate towards people development & then he decided to take a lead as leader in village council, rural area in Bhandara District of Maharashtra in India. He is also into personality development as an orator. The clouds of excellence almost touched Kalam, when he have seen struggle of lower middle class families in society right from the scratch and started his work toward betterment.

From left Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadanvis along with Kalam Sheikh during social meeting

He woke up with learning desire, faith in karma and an aim to excel in whatever he does. He started taking his passion quite seriously. His courage has rewarded as he started seeing improvements in his life. His interest towards helping people and solving theirs problems started to improve. He started to contribute in social events as a mentor. “Every pain & my honesty toward nation development has molded me into what I am today.” There was a time, when people dominating me due to my financial situation & limited knowledge in the filed of socialism, he says.

Kalam while receiving an appreciation about his work for social development

He have always focused on social work and believed that everyone should work hard to carve a niche for themselves and should build a platform for needy people to become financially independent. This belief and courageous heart helped him to win the heart of many people from his rural part of India.

Kalam Sheikh during social summit along with recognized ministers in India

Kalam has come a long way from desire to help people. Since childhood, his family has trained him to work for society and help deserving people in need. With his family’s support, he completed his Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) in 1994 from city of Maharashtra , Nagpur in India.

During national social summit in India, Kalam Sheikh addressing various people

‘Difficult time in a life, helped me to understand the importance of people in life. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through lot of continuous hard-work & sacrifices to achieve. Only my family members would know that Kalam is a very hardworking boy for society, who is bringing change in the system’, Kalam recalls.

‘I too had own problems in life. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through lot of sacrifices to achieve’, Kalam says.
With this aim he goes and take sessions on social development for students from economically weak section of the society. When he sees smiles on their faces and joy of helping these people, he feels that this is what real award and reward is.
Kalam’s contribution so far –
· In June 1996, he have led a social movement in rural part of Maharashtra (named village as Darekasa & Salekash) to educate & help needy people who were moving on negative track of life, like promoting terrorism and naxalism, a national level initiative by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad.
· Orator in public events — ‘Social Development Seminars’ (A creative idea launched in rural area) since 1997.
· In 1998, he elected as a member of village council and further he served as president of Sihora village council for next two and half years.
In 2010, he elected as member of Panchayat Samiti and worked towards betterment of his village.

He signs off with the message-

“ India is in need of Visionaries, who can think about better education & health system as well as employment establishment, this is the challenge, which has to be taken seriously. Each one of you is great leader, but action is not enough. Volunteering is not an effort to change lives of other people.In the process of volunteering you are changed forever.So, go out and volunteer for a great cause today.Your life won’t be same again. work for society at-least 15 minutes in a day, this 15 minutes may change the life of someone who is in need of ‘food, clothing and shelter’, nothing is impossible in life, when you decided to achieve something. Research & Revision on reservation system is required as many people misusing reservation. Government should think about economic based reservation system, that will lead to greater shape to society and needy people.