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Hausla Aur Raste — A Glimpse of Struggle

Ultimate goal of life is to maintain the consistency while doing something great for society. Artist from various part of the India, came together and created a record, to present the reality about farmers and how they are fighting for their dreams passionately.

Shooting has been recently concluded in the Bhandara district in Maharashtra. People from this rural area were so excited to experience shooting, camera, rolling, and action — The film making steps.

It is certainly necessary for the youth of the district to be new and motivational, but for this, it is necessary for the local youth to be trained in various fields. Struggle of individual characters will be highlighted through this short film. Witnessed to see great talents came together and made a benchmark in cinema i.e. Bollywood industry. Through this film, the youth of the district will be given proper guidance and how to solve problems in day to day life, as well as ‘to know the difference between poverty and richness’.

Experts from various regions of India has been aligned for this project, such as

1. Mr. Maulik Chauhan

Lead actor in Hausla Aur Raste — An established Gujrati actor, performed role as supporting actor in various movies like ‘Thai Jase’, Tamil movie — Om Shanti Om, ‘Jalsaakar’ & ‘Pagalpanti’. ‘Wrong Side Raju’ is the record breaker in gujrat, who won the national award in 2017.

Mr. Maulik Chauhan with Team for the shooting of Hausla Aur Raste
Hausla Aur Raste Team — in Press Conference
Mr. Maulik with Nilesh Hambarde (Both actors together)

2. Mr. Prashant Chauhan

Prashant Chauhan is 31 years old, live in Mumbai,Maharashtra,India. A Singer, Music- Composer, a Rocking Stage Show performer, Cinematographer, Film editor
First winner of first children special episode of TVS-Sa Re Ga Ma released in Nov 1995 on Zee TV at the age of 10. Winner of “Taza Geet Bahar”- All India level singing competition organized by T-Series, Mumbai in front of Late Gulashan Kumar, Usha Khanna, Sukhvinder,Anuradha Podwal at the age of 9. Limca Book of World Record holder for performing on almost all the popular channels running during 1995–96. Prashant honoured by “Sangeet Ratna” Award by Kathak Queen Shobhana Narayan in New Delhi

Mr. Prashant Chauhan during ‘Hausla Aur Raste’ Shoot

3. Mr. Suresh Joshi

A social activist, who played various roles in plays & drama. At his age of 61, working hard for cinema.

Mr. Suresh Joshi as ‘Lakahnsing’ in Film Shooting with Raghav ji, Amita ji and Ramlal ji
Lakhansing — Riding the Machine Gun
Lakhansing with his daughter ‘Rani’ in Hausala Aur Raste Shooting

4. Mr. Akshit Rohda

A creative associate cinematographer, he is just 22 year old. At this small age, he is spreading his small wings for betterment of film industry.

Mr. Akshit Rohda with Lakhansing & Tarun (Hausala Aur Raste)

5. Mr. Manoj Mudgal

A still photographer, who captured the epic moments of film.

Mr. Manoj Mudgal in ‘Hausla Raste’ as Still Photographer

Premise of the Film:

A girl is fighting for her dreams and helping her family to come out as established financial family. Even she has grown up in the village. She belongs to lower middle class family, i.e. farmer’s family. In our society, most of the marriages are tied up based on the financial conditions. How her family has made her unique with the respect of traditional values. As she fallen in love with higher class family man. Due to mismatching terms & as per financial conditions, how does girl can win a confidence of his man and family? Even both are from different caste/religion. Why people are not giving importance to ’Public Marriage Ceremony/events’ and how farmer’s kids are so hardworking and become successful in life.

Pillar of ‘Hausla Aur Raste’ — Mr. Imran Sheikh, Swapnil Jangle, Prashant Wagahye & Yogesh Bhondekar

Team — Hausla Aur Raste :

Lead Actors

· Maulik Chauhan

· Suresh Joshi

· Sanjay Wanwe

· Atul Bhandarkar

· Anjali Bhandarkar


· Swapnil Jangle

· Nilesh Hambarde


· Himanshi Kawle

· Sarojlata Barwe

Chief Editor, Cinematographer & Music Director — Prashant Chauhan

Associate Cinematographer — Akshit Rohda

Lightman — Venkat (Gopal) Bhondekar

Still Photography — Manoj Mudgal

Instructed by — Imran Sheikh

Producer — Chetan Bhairam

Co-Producer — Prashant Waghaye

Associate Director — Maulik Chauhan & Yogesh Bhondekar

Written & Directed by — Roshan Bhondekar

Key Partners — Will be Disclosed Soon

Key Media Partners — Will be Disclosed Soon

Coming soon on — TV Channels, Youtube & Cinema Hall.

Approximate release timelines — End of September