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Social Work — An Objective Of Her Life

Dedication Towards Society Made Her Confident.

Honesty and dedication defines you, that’s the perspective enlighten the characteristics of this socially empowered woman, who is an example of realistic social work for society. Growing up from small village Aashti in Wardha district of Maharashtra in India, she was an bright student during college days. There is a Kalyani Bhure, the Social worker & the founder of reputed NGO i.e. Udaan.

Kalyani Bhure, during social summit as a host in District Level Event During 2015

Kalyani Bhure, born to do more, to do great, and be different. Conceivably a closer look into her struggle in life and achievements can inspire every woman. Kalyani is passionately working for social welfare, while dedicating maximum time of life. Consistently she loves spreading the effective information about people who are in need of ‘cloths, shelter & foods’. The clouds of excellence almost touched Kalyani, when she have seen struggle of people around her town & village from the scratch. Her views and analysis about human life, agriculture and irrigation have been claimed fame and deserved worth, On her criticism and campaigned work, the JCI group awarded her with best personality award. Also distinct speaking on ‘leadership and politics’ gave her a place of importance by honoring a prestigious ‘ District Level Leader & President of Woman Youth responsibility’ by the hands of the Ex Member of Parliament of Bhandara disctrict. Not only in the field of education but her devotion to society is also untouched. She has played an important role in not mere one organization but like JCI, Sakhi Manch, Udaan, Lions Club and many more.

Kalyani — while representing Woman Empowerment Workshop in Maharashtra

As a woman and a parent she encourages everyone out there to stand up and make a choice, stand up and fight for human rights, stand up and make a change, remember it all start from individuals, the decisions, and the first step we take. A woman is a leader because as a mother you teach a child to do all things so let us all stand up and do it all.

I’m so proud for myself for the work I have been doing, I don’t just do it, but I love doing what I am doing because is what I love doing”, she recalls

Active involvement of Kalyani for human rights and society at district level social movement

Kalyani has come a long way from desire to help people. Since childhood her family has trained her to work for society and help deserving people in need. With her family’s support, she holds bachelor degree honors in political science from Maharashtra — India.

Kalyani with Member of Parliament Mrs. Supriya Sule and Mr. Parful Patel

‘Difficult time in a life, helped me to understand the importance of people in life. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through lot of continuous hard-work & sacrifices to achieve. Only my family members would know that Kalyani is a very passionate girl for society, who is bringing change in the system. still learning many things about leadership from my mentor Mr. Praful Patel’, She recalls.

Kalyani with her team in social event.
‘I too had own problems in life. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through lot of sacrifices to achieve’, Kalyani says.
With this aim she goes and take sessions on women empowerment and vocational training skills for students from economically weak section of the society. When she sees smiles on their faces and joy of teaching something new to these people, she feels that this is what real award and reward is.
Kalyani, While addressing public event in Tumsar for Social Development
She signs off with the message- “Work for society at-least 1 hour in a day, this 1 hour may change the life of someone who is in need of ‘food, clothing and shelter’, nothing is impossible in life, when you decided to achieve something. You can achieve anything that you want in life if you have courage and faith in your efforts. Life is one time gift, stand with the support of your own backbone, keep your spine straight and give something back to society — who is in need of support. Caste based politics in India is the biggest problem, if you want to become the best leader then you have to think about nation. Without women, this globe is empty and blind. Women does play vital role in society. Respect woman, respect society!