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Code Girl

Awesome job creating this project.

I maintain a project to help beginners get started with contributing to open source projects — https://github.com/Roshanjossey/first-contributions/

I’d love to share a few things I learned along the way that might help you.

  1. Marketing: It’s tough to reach the right people. I used to share my project in Hackernews and reddit. The traffic I got from there was not my target audience. Later I switched getting help from users. Like users became promoters.
    One thing I’d suggest you to do is to add labels to your issues. GitHub proposes the use of good first issue label for easy issues. Also try adding Hacktoberfest label. That’ll bring a lot of traffic in October.
  2. Improve how you draft issues. I’ve written an article on how I changed the way I wrote issues and how that helped the project
    I’d suggest you to add screenshots to UI changes. That goes a long way in communicating what you have in mind
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