This is the age of erosion.

I was born in a time when television was a rare luxury. People used to visit the houses of their neighbour with television to watch their favourite program which was too limited by that time. Not only television, even telephones used to be in few homes. People gave the number of their neighbour in case to contact in the times of necessity. People who had phone generously used to call people when their phone rang. There was a kind of cultural ties among the people. Those ties have now disappeared; it has been eroded much like the top layer of soil. This is the age of erosion.

There was a bridge among the people in a locality, that bridge has been broken by the flooding of technologies in human life. There is a serious transition going on silently all around us. The ties with our neighbours have broken, there is hardly any exchange now a days, of even words.

Markets have perpetuated in the lives of people. Individualism is taking over communitarianism. This is a process assisted by market and technology. Technology is a tool to extent market and the arena of technology itself is market. Technology creates a void in human lives which is filled by market.

Children who were once grasshoppers in the fields are now bats who hang upside down whole night on the branches of internet.

The roots of this tree called internet has entrenched in human veins so deep that it is very hard to shake even its leaves. The tree is going taller and taller overshadowing the real community life and its roots growing deeper and deeper.

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