Do you accept your mistakes?

This is my first story on Medium. Most of the people don’t accept there mistakes. They always looks for someone on whom they a can push their mistakes.

This is a story of two colleagues. Everyday they use to sit together and have lunch. On a fine day a one guy got Idli’s ( A traditional South Indian breakfast made with rice ) in his box. He said “Oh! Idli’s yeah that’s good. Interesting”. On the next day, he got the same in his box. He was a bit disappointed but he thought that’s ok. On the third day again he got the Idli’s in his box. He got irritated, the other guy said “Idli’s are actually good for health” and he has no other option he just ate them.

Everyday he opens the lunch box and sees them and wonder that Idli’s. He just murmur at his wife and ate them. This continued for a week. The other guy use to think that “How bad his wife is, she pack’s the same food everyday. Doesn’t she care for him”. After observing it for a week the other guy said that why don’t you just tell your wife that you don’t like them. So that she can prepare some other thing for you. He said “No she can’t” . He asked “why? of course she can, previously she use to do soo many. Just tell her once”.

The other guy replied “No because she is not at home. She went to her mom’s home on some occasion. I’m getting this from a restaurant nearby”. The other guy shocked and asked “then why do you blame her. And why do you get the same thing everyday when you don’t like it”. He said “She is the reason why I’m eating this everyday. And I’m getting this everyday so that I can blame her”.

Many of you were thinking that no I’m not of that kind. I blame them when they do wrong, when my wife doesn’t cook well, when my employee fails to reach his/her target. Do you really think that they are the only one responsible for the results. Think of it, check can you be better for them to get better results.

This story is taken from a famous writings of Dr. B.V. Pattabhiram (Master Mind) thank you sir. Think Good, Think Better. Because we are the form of how & what we think.

— RG