ZkPad, Launchpad 2.0 — STARKNET’s star project

zkpad link: https://zkpad.io/

The zkpad team has studied many Launchpads on many blockchains, and the possible improvements we hope to implement on ZkPad represent a complete repositioning of our role as a launchpad in the community and in the projects we launch. So we call it Launchpad 2.0.

Here are the highlights we think describe what Launchpad 2.0 is:

Onchein system
The Starknet virtual machine and many blockchains allow us to perform these computations on-chain, so everyone can benefit from a cleaner and fairer system. Furthermore, we believe that web3 is designed for this, i.e. to demonstrate that we are honest and transparent in everything we do. Everything on ZkPad will be clear and transparent, with tools to analyze our lottery tickets.

Also, the whitelist received by the project is final and cannot be exchanged for other launchpads. You cannot send a whitelist to another buyer who is interested and willing to support the project long-term. Therefore, we will develop our architecture entirely on the network and tokenize the whitelist in the form of NFTs to be used for exchange before the project starts its private sale. This will make our platform more fair and transparent to everyone, and will also provide opportunities that were not available anywhere before, especially arbitrage opportunities.

Enable DeFi
In fact, liquidity is very important for any project, and we believe that allowing protocol participants to block LPs to win the lottery is necessary to build a solid project in the long run.
On the other hand, we find it ridiculous to have so many locked tokens in our contracts and have them “sleep” here. However, this applies to all launch platforms we have encountered, where tokens are contractually locked for a fixed period, they do not move and only generate revenue for users at a very low rate. We believe that at ZkPad, we can use these tokens in a wider Vault strategy, thereby increasing revenue for our users. The strategies used will be explained later, but we want to change this traditional launchpad view and come up with innovative strategies that leverage DeFi leverage to take full advantage of locked tokens in ZkPad vaults.
Of course, there are other benefits, which are not listed here. I hope everyone can participate in ZKpad, learn, make money, grow with the community, and grow with the project.



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