Written by Ryan Kinderman and Roshan Poojary


Customers and merchants rely on Groupon to deliver a great experience all the time. This is particularly important and challenging during holiday periods including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Every year, driven by these holiday periods, service and engineering teams across Groupon work to ensure that they are operationally ready to scale and meet the demands of our customers and merchants.

However, in 2017 we realized that the process for ensuring operational readiness had become inefficient. Every year, for a number of years leading up to that point, efforts were made to collect…

Written by Ryan Kinderman and Roshan Poojary


Groupon follows SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) that allows communication between various platforms to build functional applications. Apart from enabling businesses to respond quickly, SOA has several other benefits, especially for enterprise level software. However, it does come with its own challenges, such as management of service metadata, service discovery, service lifecycle, compliance, etc. To deal with these challenges, enterprises may implement a set of processes to ensure best practices, architectural principles, government regulations, laws, and other determining factors also known as SOA governance.

At Groupon, Service Portal is at the heart of SOA…

Roshan Poojary

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