Five reasons why I prefer Android phones to iPhones


The smartphone market today is vindictive with two giant players. Android phones and iPhones. While iPhone has now become synonymous to your status in the society, Android phone doesn’t lack a bit to give you an amazing user experience. Below I list five reasons why I prefer Android phones over iPhones.

1. Open source systems: Android phones have open source software systems unlike iOS. iOS is built on closed source software with open components. This means that any manufacturer can have Android softwares after purchasing their copyrights. Open source software systems also allow license holders to study, change and distribute softwares. This means your Android phones are a result of open collaborative studies. Open source systems are also a reason why your smartphone can be widely sold. Having said that the phone is developed with collaborative efforts, the user experience of Android is better and simpler than iOS.

2. Free applications: Android phones on any given day have more free applications than iOS. Everything on android phones is mostly available for free; either on the Play Store or via APK file download. While Android phones give you free apps, they are also very economical on your pockets. Android apps or services are not as expensive as iOS. Android apps are also available on other app stores. iOS has limited free apps and blocks third party app stores. Android allows third party download but comes with the risk of malware.

3. Complete control over your device: The best thing about Android phones is that you can have complete control over your phone. Rooting and jailbreaking is easy on Android phones unlike iOS. Your android phones will also allow you to unlock the bootloader. Android phones also allow you the option of custom ROM. You can very easily customise an Android phone according to your user experience.

4. More options to unlock and respond: Android phones give you more options to unlock your phone rather than relying on standard six-digit passcode or touch ID. Android also allows you a notification bar at the top where you can respond to different notifications separately. With iOS, your screen gets clogged with every single notification in a separate window making everything seem like a garbage bin.

5. File manager and easy file transfer: The best feature about Android phones is that it provides you an option to download a file manager and transfer files swiftly and easily. That’s not the case with iOS phones. Bluetooth transfer is possible on iOS but only with limited number of Bluetooth profiles. With the new iOS 10.2 update, iPhone users are complaining about issues with file transfer. Issues like broken Bluetooth connection, failed transfer etc rarely affect Android phones.

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