Getting The Things You Want

Three quick steps to help you attract what you want most out of life.

Getting what you want doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to take extra effort.

In fact, if done correctly, getting what you want can be as simple as putting yourself in the right emotional state.

Here is a three step guide to help you attract what you want most out of life. And if done correctly, you can have a blast while doing it.

Step One: Openly set your intention.

Ask yourself: what do I want out of this experience/situation?

Step Two: imagine yourself in that experience/situation.

Ask yourself: what is the dominate emotion that I feel when I start to imagine myself in this experience/situation?

Step Three: focus on feeling that emotion for the next 48 hours.

Ask yourself: how many times can I focus on feeling ______ today. How many times can I see ______ in other people.

The thing to remember: it’s not necessarily the “thing” that you want; it's the FEELING that you think the “thing” will give you…

No matter what the “thing” is… you can feel what you think that thing will make you feel NOW…

And NOW is the only thing that matters…

Once you are able to feel it NOW… you will attract experiences/situations that match the way you feel in the NOW.

Roshaun Daville is the CEO of Unseen Heroes, a lifestyle event agency based in Sacramento, California. He frequently writes and speaks about Positivity, Creativity, and Relationships. For more insight on abundance sign up for his free Abundance Mini-Course.