The Seven Days of A.I.
Pierre Roquet

This is an amazing piece of work. I would argue that it is very accurate of whats to come. The interesting thing is…is how easy it is to see this future. Usually predicting the future is a very difficult task to accomplish. But this…this is different. This future is right in front of the eyes to see, you simply have to know how to analyze. Ray Kurzweil mentions this somewhat, regarding the seeming unpredictability about the world. Yet its deep certainty when we are able to latch on to a definite curve that changes in a predictable manner. Hence Moore’s law and Ray Kurzweils law of accelerated returns. With this the advent of a massive search engine was easily predictable, just like the internet, or self driving cars. However the fact that a couple of stand ford students would be the ones to bring this search engine into fruition, was highly unpredictable. I akin it to being like waves in the ocean. All the little waves constantly whipping by are seemingly impossible to follow. But you can easily see the bigger waves form up, and easily predict their course of action. And you can definitely, see Tsunamis. What we have here, are the pre-signs of a major wave of change that is about to sweep over mankind. I wrote a philosophy on my blog i call “Rational Objectivism”. I think the mode of thought this philosophy follows, is the exact mode of thought that will help lead us into this future. The mode of thought takes the perspective of pure power acquisition. I also wrote an idea i call IA 3. Its a form of intelligence amplification. In the idea i detail a future that resonates amazingly well with the end of this video. I think AI will eat the earth. Leaving nothing but an empty pocket of space where it used to reside. Its a future that i strive towards, regardless of how malice such a future may seem to others.

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