Roshelle Duren Brown — Key Benefit of Corporate eLearning

It is basically a precise form of electronic learning, which involves the use of a computer to educate most parts of a particular course. Roshelle Duren Brown, former CFO of Concrete Constructors, Inc. and currently chair of the special education department at Shelby County Schools. According to her in the corporate sector, the utilization of eLearning is slowly growing as a mandatory training process for the present as well as future employees. According to corporate eLearning industry analysis, this service saves businesses a minimum of 50% after replacing the traditional instructor-based training with the offering of eLearning. Let us analyze the top reasons why investing in corporate eLearning is seen as a positive step towards business growth.

Decreased Training Costs

What is the primary benefit of corporate eLearning? Through online corporate training, a company actually gets an opportunity to reduce training costs. How? There wouldn’t be any need for printed training materials or the requirement for on-site facilitators since all the information needed by an employee can be found easily on the online training platform. Moreover, the conservation costs of an online training platform are basic as compared to outmoded face-to-face employee development.

Rapid deployment of content

It is important to note that, online training can be imparted quickly and conveniently. This way, the employees can gain new information or skills almost immediately, without waiting for printed materials. Moreover, it also empowers the organization to simply upload materials for instant access by the employees.

Employees Can Access Information When They Need It

With the availability of online training, the employees have an active and beneficial chance to access important information whenever and wherever they are in need. You can easily keep your employees educated and knowledgeable regarding the company procedures in a flexible manner which eventually results in enhanced customer satisfaction, or call it, enhanced business practices.

Upgraded Knowledge Preservation

What is the need for an interactive learning session? The practice of eLearning allows an employee to gain knowledge in an engaging setup which leads to improved education and skill set preservation. With the offering of interactive, reality-based situations and games, the employees are able to digest the information more strongly. Moreover, this allows them to use the imparted data successfully in their working environment.

Allows Learning at a Decent Pace

It is important to understand that, those employees who acquire access to asynchronous online training possess the ability to move forward at their decided pace. How? They do not have to pace through the content like it is offered in a corporate classroom environment or pushes forward at the speed of their co-workers. These employees are provided an opportunity to gain and fully absorb whatever is being taught thoroughly and then move forward with the online training course.

Vanishes the Need for On-Site Instructors

As per corporate eLearning market trends, one of the major benefits of this service is that there is no longer a requirement for an on-site instructor. It directly points out that you would no longer have to pay anything related to the educator, be it travel or accommodation; which can be seen as a significant benefit altogether.

Swift and Convenient Training Informs

With the presence of corporate eLearning, updates are straightforward and simple. If you wish to update your company policies and inform the staff regarding the changes, then this can be achieved without the need to print reference guides. One needs to simply add the content to the portal and ask every employee to log in and learn about the new protocols. It is crucial to note that this service is particularly beneficial for new service and product launches.


With this article, various businesses can understand the actual benefits of eLearning in the corporate sector to save time & effort. Moreover, a precise and detailed knowledge can be offered through this service to the wide range of employees working in the company. The above-stated benefits should be understood and utilized for conserving heavy costs which are wasted by hiring on-site instructors.