I wrote this post 2 days ago but couldn’t post until now, so it’s a long one!:(

Whew it’s been a good four days I think since our last post. Sorry about that, computer access has been pretty limited. And we couldn’t post from Malaysia at all because Medium is blocked there! It was blocked just last month actually, after The Sarawak Report, a London based investigative journalism team published a blog on the site exposing gross corruption in the government. Medium decided to keep the post up and so the government blocked the blogging platform entirely! It’s pretty insane. China hasn’t even taken such extreme measures against Medium.

Well, I guess I should catch you up on the last few days.

Out on Pub Street

Since I last wrote, we explored the night life of Siem Reap. We went out on Pub Street, kind of a strip of bars designed for tourists hah. We met up with Marta, a friend from our hostel and had a beer at Angor What, which I think is a pretty clever name for a bar. It was a fun night, but veryy touristy so around midnight we hit the hay.

Fruit for breakfast

Had a slow morning, and met a few new friends over breakfast. They got their masters degrees in International Crime. That’s right, they were international crime fighters. :O.

Fish can do massage. True story.

Then we walked around downtown. Got the dead skin cells from our feet bitten off by little fishies, had some amazing Khemer food, and went shopping.

Khemer lunch and leek cake for snack

At night we hit up this INCREDIBLE circus, called Phare. It’s run by a social enterprise that helps take orphans off the street and gives them training in the arts as well as formal education and those who wish to perform participate in the show and so the whole organization is fully self-sustainable. It was a pretty neat model and those kids are very very talented.


The next morning we got on our flight to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. We’re staying at the Reggae Mansion LOL. It’s a party dorm to celebrate Jazzy J’s birthday in style.

Towers in KL, pretty much the only thing to see lol

Yesterday we walked around the city, explored downtown. KL is REALLY HOT. And clearly developing quite rapidly. It has Dubai-vibe. It’s also more expensive than the other cities we’ve been to.

Last night we hung out at the Reggae Rooftop bar with our new best friend Tina. She’s from Calgary and is SO AWESOME. (She’s sitting next to me rn lololol)

I slipped away during the day and picked up some chocolate and candles and at midnight we made a little Twix-bar cake and sang happy birthday! The whole bar was belting it out for Jas. Much deserved.

Danced till weee in the morning, and woke up around noon. Walked around KL’s Chinatown and had a pretty great meal at the Sarang Cookery, a lovely little restaurant owned by an older Malay couple. They patiently explained each dish to us and paired the entrees with one another to ensure we had a well balanced flavor profile. It was pretty lovely. Probably the best part of the whole KL experience!

Skybar silliness

At night we went to the very fancy Skybar with our friends Tina and Adam, where we got a killer view of the city + the twin towers. We ended the night at our hostel and by the next day it was time to fly to Bali.

Bali beaches

Fast forward two days from when this was written and boom, we’re in Bali baby! We’ve been swimming on the beaches and loving this city. We’re taking a surf class in about an hour so I’ve gotta run. Until tomorrow!