Day 15: What can I get for 1 dolla? Anything you want.

Welp, it’s been quite a trip. We’ve seen 4 countries, 7 cities, and millions of beautiful people, and even more beautiful babies, in the last two weeks. I almost can’t believe it all worked out the way we planned! Well, minus having some stuff stolen, and encountering some strange characters along the way haha. Also getting horribly sick a few nights ago. (I’m better now though :))

Playing Carram in Jakarta and having coffee at Cafe Batavia

As we wrap up our adventure here in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, I’d like to just take a minute to look back at our trip. I was absolutely captivated by the serenity and splendor of Siam Reap, Cambodia’s many temples and delicious food, while Jasmine couldn’t get enough of Ubud’s majestic natural beauty, full of rice terraces, monkey jungles, and ancient caves and temples.

When we landed in Bangkok we had no idea how many wonderful people we would meet along the way that made this trip so rewarding. From badass chicks traveling for months on their own (inspiring us to do the same someday), to sweet fellas exploring with friends. Thanks to you, if you ever read this, for being a part of our adventure!

Another thing we’ve really loved is that sweet, sweet exchange rate. Lemme break it down for ya.

$1 USD in…

Thailand = 35.77 Bhat

Cambodia = 4012.00 Riel

Malaysia = 4.22 Ringgit

Indonesia= 13505.00 Rupiah

To make that a little more digestable, if one bottle of water is $1 USD, with that same dollar, in…

Thailand, you’d get 4 bottles, Cambodia, you’d get 2 bottles, in Malaysia, you’d get 2 bottles, and in Indonesia, you’d get about 3 bottles.

Now imagine that, but with EVERYTHING. We’re talkin clothes, food, airline tickets, hostels, you name it. Hmm is there any way to be a doctor or hyperlocal reporter remotely? lololol

But aside from money, our trip was worth way more than we could ever calculate in numbers. In this short time we’ve broadened our horizons, and learned just a bit more about a part of the world we previously knew very little about. And we’ve only just seen the tip of the iceburg!

Until next time ;)

So thank you Southeast Asia for teasing us with your wonder and majesty. We can’t wait to learn more and more. And, of course, come back one day.

~Jaz + Roshie OUT!~

(Don’t worry, though. We’re already planning our next sistah adventures. ;) )