The subject of Life and it’s complexities had always been extremely intriguing for me.Formerly for years I would question knowledgeable people,garner information and file it away in the recesses of my mind, Often I would sift through these,some would make sense and some would not and back I would go to square one -still searching….
However, I nurtured this belief: that someday, I most certainly would find some answer-if not completely,then at least partially-to quench this thirst of mine…

I wanted to understand Life

So, I did not give up and went ahead…Many a times I would draw a blank and get completely stumped! But No-I wouldn’t relent! I would re-muster strength and move on, determined to reach someplace optimum.

It was in the year of 2014 that I threw myself totally into this Quest of mine.My best source of information was my Reading matter-I read and read and read — read anything and everything pertinent to this Quest of mine,

And….:I did reach somewhere !!!

I share below a partial result of my quest for your perusal. My Quest is not complete,but my discoveries have placated me for the moment… My Quest is an ongoing process and I still have a long way to go and shall keep at it…..

I think These lines by Robert Frost kind of sum up the propelling force of This Quest of mine

“……but I have many promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep,and miles to go before I sleep” — Robert Frost

This is My understanding of Life :

The Divine & Mighty Universe
From:The Universe we Come,
To:The Universe we Return..
I am in The Universe, &
The Universe is in Me!
I am the Macrocosm and I am the Microcosm….

Our Source is The Universe and our Life a journey,which we traverse and halt and traverse again…
Our stay on earth is a resultant halt of the journey which started from the Universe. 
We are all visitors to this time and this place. We have made several journeys to this place. In every journey (lifetime) we undertake we have a specific unaltered goal.
 We are just passing through the earth-in each Lifetime to complete each journey.
Our time here is limited.
Our purpose out here is to learn,experience, and work out our (karmic) dues to the maximum that we possibly can, and then at the end of our stipulated time,return to our source-The Universe.
Each of us is connected with the other. We are one and the same as we originate from the same source
None of us is different from the other, in other words :we are All connected! In fact we are All One,irrespective of multi-barriers of caste,creed,color etc. These distinctions are all made by man,in his ignorance. 
Our Source makes no differentiation whatsoever; because Each of us is in the Source and the Source is in Each of us.’Part of the Whole and Whole of the Part’.

Once our task is complete,we merge back into the Source,from which we emanated. But if we have been unable to work out the sum-total of our Karmic dues,in any one lifetime then we once again have to return to complete it, since No pending business can be left undone. 
Whether we accept or deny this fact, we categorically need to understand that our goal is the same;and every one of us, in our own respective manner, is striving to attain it,.

There is No ‘one’ correct path-All paths lead to the same goal.The day we realise this, half the battle is won; and the day we achieve our target, is the day of Enlightenment, Freedom and Liberation and the end of our several journeys on earth…after which-homeward bound to our source, where there will be: Pure Bliss and Everlasting Peace!

This is My understanding of Life!.


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