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FaithTheGreatt’s Review

This bag does not look so oversized where it’s like swallowing me up, and I think if you are interested in getting the bigger tote, it doesn’t look so huge on taller girls … This is my lover. I love this bag so much I want to thank the BEIS team for creating this bag … I love the texture. I love the zipper. I love how professional this looks …

A Heated Mess’ Review

Since filming, I’ve enjoyed using this bag for work daily … The shoulder strap is padded, and it’ll be really comfortable to wear when once the bag is loaded up. The shoulder straps are pretty long … this is really wide, lots of space inside

Daquana White’s Review

I loved it so much that I ended up purchasing it for my best friend as well … It is very very spacious on the inside. It is very very structured as well and you have so many compartments that you can put things in and I really love that about it …

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