Not All Men? Well, actually…
Alicen Grey

I read to the end, I like that you tries to end the oppression olympic, but I am disappointed when you get back to this: ‘It’s okay, you can say it. It’s men. ‘ So well, here is I want to add.

Women do able to rape, and some done so. Rape is not a matter of attacker penetrating victim, but forced sex. Men man-up to it and most just don’t go talk of it. Why? Cause patriarchy itself. Men are supposed to be all strong and all masculine thing. And while women usually do not lead or do violence, I know a few that influence it to happen, like using male jealousy to attack someone. I am female, and there was a time when I provoke or see other women provoke men to do violence.

I believe that the society impose both men and women to a certain ruleset that at the moment we call patriarchy that it is not just damaging to women but to men. Defended not just by men but by women because changes is scary. It also that the next change doesn’t mean it will make things alright. If I do notice something on humans society, while society rules do can change, there always the next minority that need to be listened to. Like, there is no ground where everyone can be happy.

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