Freelance Success with Kate Kendall on #Bufferchat

This was a new experience for me, as I have never participated in a Twitter Chat before! I decided to join #bufferchat on Wednesday with special guest Kate Kendall, a San Francisco based, British-Australian entrepreneur and writer. Furthermore, Kendall is the founder and CEO of CloudPeeps that is a trusted marketplace, platform and community that empowers freelancers and businesses to do their best work. During the chat, Kendall gave the #bufferchat community amazing advice on freelancing, best places to freelance, how to best expand ones’ network, etc.

The chat consisted of seven questions from which Kendall responded and participants could as well.

Question 1: What key skills can help you be a happy & successful freelancer?

Kendall’s answer: “Actively opt-in to it! You need passion, self-motivation, resilience and a focused, core skill.”

Question 2: What are tips for expanding your network as a freelancer?

Kendall’s answer: “Dedicate 20% of time to networking & personal branding. Write a blog. Publish a newsletter. Start a YouTube channel. Join freelance communities — online and offline. Head to meetups like @freelancecowork and @freelancersu”

Question 3: Which social media platform are best to be on to build your personal brand as a freelancer, and why?

Kendall’s answer: “Depends on your service area: developers = Github, designers = Dribble, non-tech = Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.”

Question 4: Where are great places to find freelance opportunities online?

Kendall’s answer: “There are hundred of other online job boards, but I’m biased here and must say @cloudpeeps for one curated list of great freelance jobs.”

Question 5: How can you decide which freelance jobs to pursue & take?

Kendall’s answer: “Verify any freelance jobs against your value set, skills, current capacity, rates, the client, & your energy level.”

Question 6: How can you stay on track and organized while balancing multiple freelance projects?

Kendall’s answer: “I recommend using tools like @rescuetime, @asana, paper checklists, and ruthlessly prioritizing your daily schedule.”

Question 7: What’s your #1 tip or piece of advice for people who are interested in becoming a freelancer?

Kendall’s answer: “Just do it! Whether you want to do it full-time or as a side-hustle — the best way is to dive in and get started. Don’t be afraid of asking successful freelancers who inspire you for advice. Collaboration > competition.”

Through this Twitter Chat, I learned that I am technically a freelancer right now in my current job. It makes me feel as if I am ready to embrace the working world when I graduate from UF this year.