WiTNY Conference 2016: First Year!

We’re zeroing in on just a couple weeks until the WITNY Conference, and I must admit: I’m a pile of [nervous] excitement. As an assistant to the famed Ami Stuart (hi Ami!), my dear friend and mentor who organizes awesome entrepreneurial and tech events with Entrepreneurship at Cornell, I’ve been tasked with designing a ~125 page book that details the schedule, panels, speakers, and activity worksheets for the day. A BOOK! Yes, full binding and everything (my first time designing both something of this size and a published book). I’m thrilled that I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with this conference — cannot express enough how inspiring the day will be. To all NYC residents and Cornell students (especially ladies!): Join us for the conference on Jan. 22nd!

Let’s Back Up: What is WiTNY?


WiTNY stands for Women in Tech NY, and the event is a one-day interactive conference to highlight women impacting technology. We’ve created this conference to celebrate the hardworking and fiercely ambitious women who persevere and succeed in an industry that is currently so male-dominant. Did you know that tech companies employ an average of 12.33% women engineers? Or that out of the 30% of female employees at Google, only 17% are in tech jobs? The numbers get even lower when begin to separate women engineers from the overarching category of ‘women in tech.’ This issue poses both a problem, but an even greater opportunity: how do we fix this? We hope this conference will inspire ideas into action to help solve this problem.

CUE: WiTNY 2016!

On January 22nd at the NYU Law School (40 Washington Sq South), Entrepreneurship at Cornell will be hosting the inaugural WiTNY Conference to provide students the opportunity to discuss their potential for impact, hear success stories, speak with women currently in employed in tech, and ultimately — get inspired. The goal of the event is to bring together women in tech across NY to illustrate the community of support that exists. Conference attendees will also get special access to community building and networking events hosted every Thursday by our sponsors, which include Capital One, Accenture, Uber, Squarespace, Mongo DB, IBM, Ebay, Hortonworks, Canaan and more.

Out legendary speakers include Tania Katan (founder of the social media campaign #ItWasNeverADress), Nora Poggi & Insiyah Saeed (directors of ‘She She Started It’), Dan Storms (Originate), Emily Reid (Director of Ed. for Girls Who Code), the VP Technology & Senior Director of Tech from Capital One, HR Technology & Analytics and the COO North America from Accenture — among another 20+ incredible people. Every participant will receive a full-bound book with the community of facilitators and panelists, catered lunch, and the opportunity to network with our panelists.

SOUND AWESOME? You can register here, and learn more about the other networking events and Hackathons that we plan through Entrepreneurship at Cornell through Facebook — shoot us a like! The conference is open to everyone (female, male, Cornellian or not), and if you have any questions about the conference, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Conference Link: https://witny.splashthat.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1671225586500397/


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