Jesus Haul?

Am I allowed to post haul blogs?? I really hope so because I’m literally so pumped about all the stuff I just ordered! I ordered these because in November I’m traveling to Indianapolis for the National Catholic Youth conference as a student ambassador!

So in this blog, I’m going to mention Lifeteen multiple times. For those who don’t know, Lifeteen is the big religious organization presiding over most catholic teens and hosting lots of crazy events and retreats.

First I got this super awesome shirt with the lifeteen logo. It’s the 30 year anniversary shirt.

Next is the inspire/inspired shirt. I like this one because I feel like you need one for the other. I got the blue one in the back right.

Next is the “You are the light of the world” Shirt. This is a verse in Matthew 5:14 and it’s definitely my favorite purchase.

For my last clothing item I got the “lowly but chosen” tshirt. I chose this because I like how I look in yellow and I’ve heard Pope Francis say it on many occasions.

The last thing I bought was a new bible. I needed a new one because I recently broke the spine off my old one so this was more necessary than optional.

Anyway, I’m really happy with all my purchases and this 2 day shipping can’t come soon enough!