the burnout is real.

I’ve mentioned this before on this blog that tens of people have graciously read — but I love seeing other peoples coding projects. I want to know what everyone is up to in the world of tech. With all of the technologies there are to master, what do you actually end up creating with them?

Yes, some people code because they love technology and solving complex problems — coding is their passion in and of itself. And that’s great! …

The MVC design pattern sounds intense, but don’t worry, Jade -we’ve got this.

At the heart of web application creation is the MVC design pattern. MVC stands for Model, View, and Controller. Essentially, it is the accepted paradigm by which we model our applications. This pattern is used by many programming languages, like Python, JavaScript, C#, and my first (and only, so far) experience with it was through Ruby/Rails, which is what this article is based on!

Essentially, the Model, View, Controller model separates web-app design into three interconnected areas. …

no README, huh? I see...

I absolutely love seeing other people’s coding projects. Big or small, experienced or beginner, in the world of programming I believe we all have something to learn from each other. As a beginner myself, there have been quite a few times I’ve been stuck on a problem or struggling to see things in a different way and have gone scouring Google/GitHub/etc. to see what others have come up with.

As the creators of those projects, we also want the support of our peers and our network. Maybe we need feedback, encouragement, or a willing guinea pig to test out all…

“There’s a demon in the internet” — Giles from Buffy explains the dilemma.
“There’s a demon in the internet” — Giles from Buffy explains the dilemma.
Giles didn’t understand computers at ALL, but in this case — he was right!

The first language I began my programming journey with was JavaScript. I spent many days, weeks, months and cups of coffee on loops, closures, algorithm problems, etc. While I gained a lot of proficiency using sites like Leetcode and Codewars, I still found that it was hard for me (personally) to just build something simple on my own from scratch.

I had a few pieces of the puzzle, but wasn’t sure how to start connecting them. The things I wanted to make still felt miles away. Enter Ruby. I had to take a break from JS in order to learn…

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