Curiosity as a key to innovation

Why should we be curious? Entrepreneurs often seek to create new products and services, innovating what we have known for years. Jumping from maps to GPS, stovetops to microwaves and taxis to Ubers; innovation is amongst all these creations. Have you ever wondered why and how they come up with those ideas? Reflecting on some thoughts, my guess is that entrepreneurs must be curious at all times. Curiosity is the desire to learn something new and entrepreneurs do it all the time — despite it’s not in their field of choice. Why do people have a hard time reading maps? How do maps function and what is their job to be done? Why do humans hire a map to get to a destination? All these questions came out of someone’s curiosity, and after answering them; probably the innovation of the GPS was made. Great ideas never came from sitting on a couch, or watching social media all day, they came from exposure to different environments, thinking out of the box and never settling for the ordinary. Ask yourself why, how, and most importantly, what if? Because it’s curiosity and the powerful questions that bring innovations to life.

As Albert Einstein said:

Rosa Alicia Herrera