Being closed minded can be really toxic

When you think about Ivy League schools you think about really smart and rich white people. You never really think about the diversity or if there is even any. You imagine students there with polos khakis sweaters around their neck and slick back hair.In the show Dear white People, shows all that but from a different perspective, A black persons perspective. It starts with the main character Samantha a biracial girl that has a more of a tomboy style. She has a radio show in her school that is called dear white people. Where she explains the do’s and don’ts about talking to colored people or even the stereotypes they go through. The lack of diversity in school especially in American schools make people of color feel unwanted or safe.

To begin with race is a big issue portrayed in the show. When Samantha was putting up posters in school saying “MISSING: Black culture”, white people seemed to get offended and started to vandalize the poster with the words “FREE SPEECH”. Seems hypocritical since she is expressing herself, which again seems to them like they are unwanted there when they express themselves or try to create change other people seem to get scared or threatened. In the beginning of the show it shows a party of white people dressed as black stereotypes and people colored their faces brown. Samantha later shares that she sent the invitations to this party. She shared how amazed she was on how quick people are to dress up and show up to these parties about black culture, but not understand the situations black people go through on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Samantha is hooking up with a white guy even though she is all about black culture. After her and Gabe are done hooking up, Gabe takes a picture of her while she’s leaving and post on social media. While Samantha is in a meeting witch her cultural group the picture is getting sent through the group until she gets approached about this and all her friends get upset. They all ignore and just are mean to her. Which is not very good since they’re trying to be together and support each other. Gabe understands what they’re trying to do and support their group into reach equality on the campus. Samantha decides to invite Gabe to their movie night. When Gabe meets Samantha outside his apartment she looks at him and ask “Do you have any Jordan’s?”,which is a stereotype that she made which is kinda hypocritical saying that in order to fit in to a black meeting you have to have Jordan’s or stereotypes that are tied to black people.

Finally, When Gabe was at the movie night with Samantha Gabe says something that doesn’t sit well with Reggie, mad and closed minded person, starts to say mean things at Gabe and Gabe is trying to explain that he is trying to understand what they’re going through and that what they were doing is right and he is supporting them one hundred percent. Reggie doesn’t like what he says and pretty much makes Gabe leave. While Samantha is chasing Gabe down, he finally stops and explains how he feels unwanted how that isn’t right, Samantha says “that’s how I feel everyday” showing how it can be both ways when you’re the minority in the group and how it feels.

In conclusion, diversity and close minded environments can be very toxic especially in schools and it is not correct especially not in this age. If both sides knew how each other felt then people would be more understanding but close minded people can really make everything hard. I’m not saying it would stop racism but it would be a less toxic environment and make people feel safe and wanted where they go or live.