Ben Navarro Sherman Financial Group for active global investment

Ben Navarro Sherman Financial Group is the global investment company and group, having the track record of 15 years in unparallel success during the period of market fluctuation. It aims at developing innovative solutions to optimize long term solution. With the affiliated companies, Sherman has invested around $7B till date and has arranged $3B in excess when it comes to investment and financing portfolio. Ben Navarro Meeting Street Academy is another attempt made by the pioneer of financial group to curb educational inequality.

Meeting Street Academy is the result of Ben Navarro’s attempt to curb educational inequality which is so much prevalent in South Carolina. The aim of all the schools in the group is to improve the number of students graduating from the state’s high school. School system of South Carolina is thought to be the worst in the entire region. Most of the adults in the state are illiterate unfortunately. The mission of the Meeting Street Academy was clearly revealed in the Tedx Conference. It is said that a school which gives educational opportunity to 50 preschoolers having no access to education can have a profound effect on the future of the state. Unlike other institutes, Ben Naverro Meeting Street Academy offers the year round education where the curriculum also includes extra-curricular activities for the proper growth and development.

Although the educational institutes are private, parents can still enjoy much lower fee and send their children to school. When the cost of educating the child is $12,500 per year, parents just have to spend $500 to send their kids to school. Besides, the quality of education imparted is very good and as per the latest trends. In the Tedx Conference, Navarro clearly states his mission behind having the group of three schools.

Besides the Meeting Street Academy, Ben Navarro is the chief figure behind Ben Navarro Sherman Financial Group. It is the strong financial operating partner which has superb ability to carry out transaction in corporate, consumer finance and real estate assets. Companies looking for one stop destination for those investors who invests on hard to service deep value asset and capital can look forward to it. It is really a unique and solid organizational structure. Check out the official link to learn more

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