Online Casino Bonus Types

The bonus system is one of the most popular incentives implied by online casinos. It is known that they provide some benefits for gamblers as well as for online casinos; hence, they are a must-have for every decent casino.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of bonuses in online casino.

Sign-up bonuses

Usually, new users automatically get the bonuses right after registration. The sign-up bonuses are divided into the following subtypes:

  • deposit (bonus equals to the amount deposited);
  • non-deposit (free spins, free play, money for the first game).


Generally, they are used as a retention tool encouraging the gamblers to play casino on a regular basis.

  • reload bonuses (accrual 5% to 100% of the replenishment amount);
  • sticky bonuses (money in the game that cannot be withdrawn from the account);
  • periodic bonuses (weekend, daily or monthly bonuses);
  • referral (they are given to users who attract new customers);
  • cash-bonuses (compensation for loss, can be accrued permanently or at a stated time);
  • bonuses for the payment method (casinos get in business with certain payment systems and provide bonuses for customers who use their services; sometimes they also offer a discount or charge lower commission for withdrawal);
  • bonuses for high rollers (valid only for high stakes; they achieve a larger payout amount than other players);
  • accumulative bonuses (gamblers receive them during the game and can exchange them for gambling chips or money);
  • loyalty programs (rewards for regular players, increasing with each status upgrade of player);
  • giveaways (used by some casinos for additional customer acquisition, various prizes are guaranteed).

Many online casino operators prefer to use several types of bonuses at the same time, as well as to launch new reward systems. This helps not only rise up the target audience, but also retain the gamblers on the online casino resource.

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