What happened on #metoo

The last 24 hours have been the craziest of my life, and my wife and children are in shock and disarray. It has taken time to sort things out and respond publicly.

Two emails were was sent from my account last year, but I don’t yet know who accessed my computer and did so. Yesterday the emails were posted on Twitter. My phone calls and other emails with her were professional, as she confirmed. When this occurred over a year ago, I was incredibly confused, and I should have swiftly resolved this with her.

If you know me, you know that while I am not perfect, this is the opposite of who I am. I’ve supported this cause in our industry through various efforts over the years. I’ve never allowed sexism in my workplaces, fostered diverse and inclusive environments, empowered women and I’ve never abused my power.

I am deeply sorry and apologize to her for having to receive this unsolicited, outrageously crazy and inappropriate email, and carry this with her. She was right and courageous to post it to #metoo.

Thank you for all the encouraging messages, and to all my friends and colleagues for believing in me and supporting me in this challenging time.