Easy tips on how to write a resolution for Model United Nations UAE

Mike Ross
Mike Ross
Jul 19 · 3 min read
Model United Nations UAE
Model United Nations UAE

Delegates are often worried about how to compose and construct a good resolution that can be presented during a Model United Nations UAE conference. Resolution basically has the given solutions and methods to combat an issue that has been presented as a topic when the committee sessions are ongoing and exchanges between participants is being done. It is very essential that one learns how to write a resolution because it is one of the main reasons why MUN is conducted so that delegates and participants are able to put their brains to good use and discuss current global problems and brainstorm ideas for their efficient solutions. The leaders of the committee sessions are those who contribute most to the presented solution and write it down. The ability to write a great resolution understandable for anyone can also help to win awards that are usually presented at the end of an event.

The easy tips basics of writing a resolution in Model United Nations UAE are as follows.

• Firstly, decide the author of the resolution. Any member that is a part of the committee session can contribute and thus it makes them a sponsor. Often, there can be more than one sponsors because team discussions are necessary and important in order to draft a good resolution. However, sometimes limit can be applied to the number of authors or sponsors at certain conferences.

• Then, you need to look at the question of what a resolution is and understand it. As mentioned before this is a type of document that has the given solutions decided by the committees during the sessions. It is named so because the United Nations has named the documents as such. Before it is passed and voted upon it is primarily called draft resolution.

• A place should also be decided where the resolution is to be written. Students may compose it during the event. At times during the unmoderated caucus, delegates can move freely and work and collaborate with others that can be in areas outside the conference hall. The focus may shift and grow during the committee sessions when policies are made clear and ideas of each delegate and country are also made available. Drafts written at a time before the conference begins are not accepted. There is also a type of debate known as the docket style where resolutions are submitted and chosen by chairs and then added into a docket. After the Model United Nations UAE begins, the delegates can work on changing and revising it.

• The debates and speeches ultimately lead to the session voting where the solution can be accepted or rejected. At times, multiple resolutions can also be presented and voted if they are not like each other even conflicting and contradicting. Sponsors are appreciated at the end of their good work and ideas.

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