So this is just a short read too quickly feedback to you the audience my experiences this week as a Performance consultant

Now this may Apply to you or it may not!

But I bet it will have been in your mind at some point

Working with young athletes in Australia and mature parents and business owners I have come across a few themes this week:

  • Everyone has been quick to feel guilty about not doing something so encourage you all to give yourself a break, don't take the p*$$ but also give yourself a break. Life gets in the…

So bear with me as I try to explain what is in my head and how this translates to being more effective at home and in the workplace.

I spent approx. four hours in the woods yesterday with my kid’s camping and I link the four hours in the woods to the relationship we have with a new experience or a new venture.

So let me first explain how the trip went.

Bear my five-year-old son was lead navigator which meant he walked to the front of the line as we moved from our house to the woods, Aria my…

Let me set the scene:

Mallorca, sun, beaches, swimming pools, meditation, yoga, walks, running, hills, freshly cooked food and workshops designed to make you better at being you.

Ok, we were not in Mallorca for this retreat, we were instead at a beautiful home by the coast.

But it was the dress rehearsal for the above described Mallorca retreat. I brought together 10 creatives that work in and around the shared working space Helm, and I wanted to dry test some ideas I have for Mallorca.

One thing that I love about bringing people together is watching where the partnerships…

Before we get into this I want to clarify that when I am talking about athletes, I am talking directly about those who are professional by definition and by nature. Those who are paid to play or perform at an elite level.

This article is the culmination of conversations and events that I have been part of over the last 4 weeks and my professional experiences over the last 20 years as a performer and a performance coach.

I ask the Question

Where does the responsibility lay for the all-round health and wellbeing of a professional sports person?

Off the…

Beautiful Day in Brum!

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a plus one to an event hosted at Birmingham City Football ground (just to let you know I am not a fan, but I did have an awesome time at the ground)

Now, these things can go a number of different ways, but like most things, in life, they become what you want them to be.

Let me try to explain

I had been stressing about my wife’s birthday (it’s today, Happy Birthday beautiful)

I woke up in the morning and I wasn’t present and I was stressing about the day ahead…

Basketball in its simplest of forms a game of mistakes.

Much like life, you will make mistakes and learn.

We are coming close to the final quarter of the year, the time when it is important to learn from the first 3 periods of the game (2018)

What did you get done, what did you get finished, what problems did you have or what did you complete?

Moving into the last quarter, it is important to make sure you take time to reflect specifically on the last 3 months, pretty much the summertime (we did have had an epic summer…

Ok, it was ridiculously hot today and to that end had been hot for some time.
Don’t get it twisted, I am most definitely not complaining, the complete opposite, I love it. I’m the Scottish guy who is solar powered. I kid you not.


I am training for a fast 10k, how fast I guess I don’t really know but I have an idea, a plan and shit load of execution.

Whilst entertaining the back end, last 3 miles of my run tonight, the run started to get a little rocky. Clipping my heels, shorter strides stooped run position. …

What he did not tell you is that it is not easy at all. Its actually quite hard to have all 3 of theses points on point.

Am I making any sense here?


Let me start again…..

My name is Ross and I am a performance consultant.

Working with my business partner Frank (Pot3ntial Change) we were discussing a few clients who we have been working with recently and after a discussion with a friend of his, Frank explained the ABC, 123 principle.

Now this principle is something we will often all find ourselves in, but like most things…

Ross Cooney

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