5 Things All Viral YouTubers Have in Common

YouTube may be seen as the hub of the video world’s diversity. Indeed, it seems as if everyone has access (they don’t, but there are still a lot of people on there), and anyone and everyone can watch and produce content (unfortunately in some cases).

Some have worked the system to their advantage, walking away millionaires, and they are as different from each other as anyone can be.

And yet, there emerge patterns in their work. There seems to be a strategy to achieving mass attention on social media. Here are similarities we noticed among the top YouTubers.

To clarify, we only included ‘amateur’ channels, i.e. not Justin Bieber or the general subject ‘Sports’.

  1. Regularity: As soon as they get even a mild audience, successful YouTubers plug their video release day(s) of the week. Ironically, the greatest alternative to television has found success in its own form of regularly-scheduled programming. The YouTube algorithm now rewards daily posters massively over others so take note if you’re trying to build a following.
  2. Breadth: Very few niche channels get to the top. While there is certainly a market for specific categories when you’re starting out, e.g. hunting knife reviews (wtf?), there’s definitely more potential to grow channels to the biggest levels by creating varied subject matter that can appeal to the maximum number of people. Generic lifestyle, video games (which an immense number of people enjoy to at least a certain extent), makeup, those sorts of things. There’s a reason that Pewdiepie is trying to be known as more of a comic than a gamer in recent years. Bringing us to the next point…
  3. Humour: Everyone loves a good laugh. Some say humour is the universal language. Similar to the previous point, universality is likely to increase popularity. Take our word for it, the jokes do not have to be good to gain traction.
  4. Lists: The best YouTubers understand their audiences. Today’s audiences have the smallest attention span in human history. Viewers want to know what a video will entail before they agree to watch it. Throwing up a number of list items in the title gives prospective viewers a rough estimate of what to expect, along with the assurance that it will come in a format that will be simple for them to process.
  5. Personality: YouTube branding relies on personality as much or more than any other part of the process. We often remember the personality more than the content. Yes squealing catchphrases at a camera qualifies as personality and you should give it a go if you want some of that sweet YouTube dollar.

We can’t guarantee that these strategies will automatically catapult you to the top of the charts. There’s still a large element of YouTube popularity that remains in the hands of the masses. But emulating their strategies can help you grow your viewership and get your channel going in the right direction.

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