Guest Blog: Creating a Viral Video in One Day

Hi, it’s the newest hire here at 1 Click Promos! Just a bit of background: I have been working as a part-time freelancer providing spokesperson and testimonial services to all kinds of businesses over the last 3 years. When I started working for 1 Click Promos two weeks ago, I shared my desire to start my own Youtube channel with the CEO. He listened!

Yesterday, I had the one of the most exciting and challenging days in my life! On my way to work I received a text message from my boss saying he will be a few minutes late. That gave me just enough time to go to Starbucks for some coffee after which I went to the office and started working on my daily tasks (following up on emails) while patiently waiting for him to come and brief me on the other things that I need to do by the end of the day.

When he arrived in the office we got in one of the conference rooms. At this point I got nervous..Why did we go to a conference room? Why not brief me in the shared office space as usual? Am I in trouble?!

Well if you’ve read the title, you might be guessing what my task for the day was. I was given complete freedom to pick any topic I liked, go home/ outside and shoot until 3 PM, get back to the office, edit for a couple of hours and sent him a link to my first Youtube video by 5 PM.

Okay, cool, I got this! Just a few issues..

1) I had to go back home to take my camera and I had forgotten to take my keys (guaranteed to slow me a bit)

2) I wanted to interview people for my first video to make it a bit more interesting so I needed to find people who would be up for it.

3) I had just 7 hours to come up with idea, find people, shoot and edit.

So I am heading home, nervously trying to come up with ideas on my way.(I even posted a video on Instagram asking friends for ideas..No one responded) I get home and start ringing all my neighbors. This lady in her 60s (that I had never seen before and I have lived there for almost a year) comes down and opens the door, looking suspiciously at me, not saying a single word even when I explained that I am her neighbor, apologized several times for the inconvenience and thanked her for letting me in. GOING GREAT SO FAR.

The other day I had tried filming an intro for my channel and I got interrupted by this really persistent guy who would not give up asking me to go for a drink even after I told him I was not single. I had it on camera, and I get approached by guys relatively often so I figured I could go and ask other girls if it happens to them, how does it make them feel and whether they had any advice for guys. I also wanted to include some guys in the video who share their advice on approaching girls to spice it up a notch.

Without wasting any time, I cleared up some space on my memory cards, got a spare battery and headed out. Now, keep in mind that approaching strangers randomly (especially when you’re a bit shy at first) and convincing them to star in a video on a topic that some people may find too personal is far from easy. I had to come up with a strategy.

First, I decided on my “target market”. People watching my video will want to see someone that they could identify with. Hence, ideally I should approach people between 18–30. Another problem was that I was filming around noon on a work day so most people were on their lunch break, my guess was they would prioritize eating over some noob youtuber. I literally had to seize the opportunity. I carefully observed people and only approached those the ones that did not seem too busy- were either on their phones, having a cig etc.

Next, how do I sell myself to these guys? I’d figured I have to look really desperate and in need of help. As I approached them, I first apologized for interrupting and approaching them randomly (you don’t want to look like a weirdo). I was carrying a camera so I then ensured them that it was not rolling. After, I went on with trying to look desperate by telling them how by boss assigned me to film this video for youtube, I introduced the topic and mentioned how I can’t find anyone that wants to star in my video and I need to be done by 5, otherwise I would get in huge trouble. C’mon, a bit of white lies never hurt nobody, right?

I’d say 70% of the girls I approached were up for helping me out. I believe it had to do with the fact that they could relate to the topic and wanted to raise awareness for this problem in a fun way. I can’t say the same for guys. Just about 20% of them agreed to star in the video. We went on having brief conversations lasting between 2–10 minutes and I interviewed more than 20 people! So you could only imagine how much raw footage I had. I was done shooting by 3 PM and there was just no way I could be done with editing and setting up a brand new youtube account by 5.

If you knew me personally, you would know how much I hate disappointing people. I went back home and started working on the video straight away. However, by 5 I was only about half way through. I panicked but decided to sent a copy of the unfinished video to my boss anyway… it was better than nothing!

Luckily, I shouldn’t have worried so much as he ended up being extremely understanding and very happy with my work (he even gave me a few more days to properly edit the video)!

All in all, it was a great experience. I really enjoyed facing my fears and talking to all kinds of people. They are just normal people like me and every one of them was kind enough to dedicate 5 minutes of their day to help me out. I got to hear all kinds of stories and views on “Guys approaching girls: creepy or fun?” which was extremely fun! ( I need to insert real title of the video here with a link) If you’d like to hear what the public said, feel free to check out my video and contribute to the discussion in the comments section. :)

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