“Liking your audience members is the first step in being genuine with them.”

The main point: Build on a foundation of empathy for your customers and you will be less likely to make biased or incorrect judgements

Nancy Duarte is the CEO of Duarte, Inc., the largest design firm in…

The main point: “Words like transparency and authenticity, and the marketing actions they incite, are meant for the customer, but they are still about you. Your customer will care about these things if they serve as latticework for their imagination and the vision they have of their self.”

We have…

If I had to pick one piece of start-up advice to give you, that would be it.

Regard 99.9% of what others say with a touch of suspicion.

Ask questions…

There is one conversation that I have repeatedly. (Think Groundhog’s Day with Bill Murray.) It goes like this.

“Oh, we are doing a terrible job of telling our story. …

Hey, kid!
Did you know that dragons love tacos?

  1. Know your audience
  2. Be obvious
  3. Toss all the clutter
  4. Create opportunities by doing good work

Adam Rubin ‘accidentally became a New York Times best-selling children’s author.’ Apparently, he’s written 9 books, but there is only one that matters in the Hagan…

A few years ago I was staggered by Stephen King’s memoir/writing-logue, On Writing. Not by its wit, its depth, and its affable tone, but its poise — King is an author who is sure of his talent and unencumbered with critics or the millions of people who don’t read his…

Cleaning Out the Book Notes

I’m cleaning out Scrivener and came across an old project I was using as a commonplace book. I thought I’d share:

Get into the scene late, get out of the scene early.

— David Mamet, The Paris Review

[Do you ever feel unprepared?] Much of the time. But the prescription…

4 Temptations On The Road to Work/Life Balance

*before you go any further, if you haven’t read Jason Fried’s Medium write up on The Calm Company you’re doing yourself a disservice. If I were you, I would start there, and hopefully you’ll make it back.


That’s the day you’ll start doing all the smart things you read about…

I interview myself.

Not just me, but 41-years old me. On October 8, I’ll begin talking with 42-years old me. Often I write these interviews down, at the very least I’ll write down the answers I unlock.

It’s strange, but there are stranger things.

Here’s what I’ve found: I know…

Ross Hagan

Hey, I’m Ross. I study the creative process of writers and other makers and share how you can apply them to your life and work.

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