The digital marketing industry has emerged as a leader in surviving the economic waves of coronavirus 2020. Covid-19 has created a worldwide flood of unsettled economies, an uncertain future for many employers and businesses. Digital marketing, a commonplace feature of online commerce and user interaction is now being hailed as an avenue for help and success in these uncertain times. The digital marketing industry is the epicenter of generating a new era of marketing during the coronavirus and beyond.

Defining Digital Marketing

There are several ways that the term “marketing” is viewed especially as it has evolved and developed immensely…

The Best Practices for Content Marketing in 2020

Businesses across the country are getting a crash course in content marketing. The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we operate. The transition to modern marketing strategies was already happening fast, but the current crisis is making things happen at warp speed. The point of content marketing has always been to draw in new customers and keep them engaged and loyal to your brand. You want to make them feel like they’re part of your story because, essentially, they are. This year, customers are paying attention more than ever to the…

Director of Search Marketing @HealthPlanOne

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