Alinity is one of the most famous female streamers on Twitch — but a recent controversy about her cat has fueled the idea women streamers receive preferential treatment

Image: Alinity/Twitch

I wanted to speak to Alinity about being a woman streamer, but she was a little busy, which was understandable. After all, when the cat incident blew up, she was in the middle of fielding online abuse and asking people to stop stalking her.

If you don’t follow Twitch drama, the cat incident is this. Popular Twitch streamer Alinity — real name Natalia Mogollon — is seen throwing her cat over her shoulder in a stream (Alinity herself describes it as ‘dropping’ the cat on the floor). In another video, she’s seen trying to kiss her cat with a mouth…

The worst day of my life was ten years ago today.

It was the day my wonderful, smart and caring mother died. She didn’t have cancer or a long-term illness — the health reasons she died from were complicated and came out of nowhere, hitting me like a ton of bricks. The next day, I went into school to take my GCSE science exam, but I couldn’t concentrate on my biology paper as I was too busy trying to remember what my mum looked like the last time I saw her alive.

Four years later, my father died. My parents…

Rossalyn Warren


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